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Customer Reviews for Adam Ant

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Adam at The Greek

Sherry Estrada from Los Angeles, California
2nd October 2017

Fantastic show!!The 80's were truely back last night.The completely rocked the house.Class act.So glad I was able to see him again.👍❤

Totally Satisfied. Completely Entertained. A Must see!

Aantazy Warrior from Los Angeles, California
15th October 2017

Now don’t let me convince you. Go and see for yourself! I have been throughly rocketed since a young age by this true artist and enigma, so therefore, I am biased! But just because of that fact, I have made it a point over the years as His energy never waned, to make it a point to talk to newcomers and open up and ask people in the town we are in to come to the show! Sometimes offering them a spare ticket I know of or may have. So I am never taking too much of a chance because at the end of the show I come to find out they will be there the next time he comes around and they usually “ARE”!!!! Adam Ant will just, excuse the term, “Knock your socks off!!!” So check Him out next time you hear he is playing. Better yet, go to his website or Facebook page and add an alert for your town or the next closest one and when he comes around, which he will, go!!! The band is young and love touring. Two drummers w/ a Hot little girl drummer Its rock n roll. It’s sexual. Fun. Never a disappointment


Drea from St. Louis, Missouri
22nd March 2024

WOW WHAT A SHOW! Adam will take you back to the 80's with his amazing music, yet ground you in the present with his timeless talent! RUN to this show! This dandy guy and his bandmates will not disappoint - Vive Le Rock!

Adam Ant in Detroit

Lisa from Detroit, Michigan
17th November 2019

Gosh, Adam at the Royal Oak Theater this last September, looked great, sang great, so glad to come to this show! xoxo Adam!

Loved it!

A. Cook from St. Louis, Missouri
7th September 2019

I attended the Adam Ant Concert at the Pageant last night and it was so much fun! I saw him twice back in the 80s and was in love with the guy! I can honestly say he’s still got it! I was transformed back to my youth. He played a lot of my favorite Adam Ant songs and he sounded great and the man still has some moves. He played with a lot of energy and sass. I listened to his songs so much back in the day that I still knew every word and danced and sang along! Rock on Adam and please come back to St. Louis.

“You may not like it now, but you will”

Aantazy from Jacksonville, Florida
6th May 2018

That line from on of Adam and the Ants songs will forever ring on in my head, since the age of 9 when I accidentally heard his music and seemed to submerge myself in the lyrics and sounds, there wasn’t much of his music around and people were not grabbing on to it the way I did or my friends but we stayed connected to Antmusic for decades quietly waiting for Adam Ant to break out of the music business chains that seemed to be present with most artists at the time. Now since liberated we all have the opportunity to witness an incredible artist of our eon! Do yourself a favor and witness him for yourself. You will be changed once you did. My daughter started seeing him perform at age 4 she is now 11 and continues to look forward to his next performance. Everything about him screams look at me or listen and at the age of his physical body you would think I was joking but I’m not. Just amazing! Beautiful, witty, entertaining! Great band! Performer of our times! Adam-Ant.net. “Woof!”