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Customer Reviews for Anthony Jeselnik

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Loved it!

Jon Saylor from Cincinnati, Ohio
15th March 2024

Just got back from Cincinnati show... Loved it!

juuuust awful… i wanted to smooch him!

foye from Norfolk, Virginia
18th March 2024

i saw this show in Norfolk, VA, at the Chrysler Center. my face hurt and my mascara was run. he was so good, his delivery was pure perfection, and if i go to his show again in Boston, MA, i’m gonna wear my gallows humor tshirt, and try to get him and his Hilarious friend that opened for him (apologies- and she was so funny) to go out for a beer! first round on me! his mike tyson bit made my eyes juicy and my heart rejoice a little, and when he explained why he makes fun of things- it made me want to just hug him and give him loud smooches in his right earball. i was center balcony, a few rows back but the show felt like it was in a comedy club. i would recommend this show for anyone that appreciates a dark humor.

Jeselnik 5 Stars Masonic Hall 3 Stars

pat from Detroit, Michigan
25th September 2023

Jeselnik's show was great- always on his game. I highly recommend his as a comedian. The Masonic Hall is a unique, intimate setting with good sightlines. A few issues though; why were we made to stay lined up outside until well after 9 pm when the show was supposed to start at 9? Why were staff going around asking people outside if they wanted to drink? You weren't id-ing people so how does this expedite anything? Finally, I sat about 8 rows from the stage- all the seats behind me were nice, cushy chairs. Our seats were hard, uncomfortable plastic. Maybe get some chairs that weren't bought at a garage sale.

Phoned it In

The DukeInTexss from Houston, Texas
28th January 2024

On a rainy Friday night at the Bayou Music Center, a sold-out crowd heard a mediocre performance by a great “gallows humor” comedian. Personally, I’d just as soon stayed home and watched him on a Netflix rerun. After fighting rain, traffic, and parking only to sit on hard, too-small folding chairs for an hour of not so funny new material, I was disappointed. I’m done with live events like this. The huge dude sitting next to me was on his phone all night, as were three others just in my immediate area. (Why did the come?) Anthony looked and sounded tired. Very difficult night.