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Bill Burt Live Denver June 6 2024

Bonnie from Denver, Colorado
7th June 2024

I love this guy and a friend of mine said, “you like his work because you’re angry!” Im like WTF are you talking about only to find out a year later (the hard way) that my so called friend is an untreated OCD hoarder class A A-hole, and he ditched me? I bought premium tickets (I am not wealthy ok) 11th row center tickets sitting behind 3 tall dudes wearing hats. Me and my friend are short. Thank God BB walked back and forth and he was, as exciting as a Led Zeppelin concert which I am too young to have experienced. We laughed the whole way through and had a great night. I can’t wait to see BB again! I noticed he didn’t say, “go F yourself” once. What? Must be the low testosterone, lovely wife, California energy and beautiful 2 kids lol! Thanks for all you and your staff do! Oh and I really enjoyed the opening act comedian too he’s funny.

Up there as one of Top 3 Comedians

Josh from Annapolis, MD
20th May 2024

First comic was great. Bill was on point and current. So glad I flew in to see the show. Nashville was awesome, the people were amazing. The venue was amazing. Bill is one of the best today! Totally worth it!

Best medicine

Susie from Phoenix, Arizona
28th April 2024

I needed a night out, been down in the dumps. Then along came this evening, what a way to pick up your spirits, this guy delivered far and beyond. Bill Burr is the best there is, it's not enough that his material is jaw stretching hilarious, but his deliverance is like non other. Thank you Bill, for taking me on your helicopter, a ride through some thick ass funny shit!


Tisha from St. Louis, Missouri
23rd March 2024

Bill was fantastic from beginning to the end! He went longer than usual. He just is a genius!

Bill Burr outstanding

JG from Syracuse, New York
4th October 2023

Saw Bill Burr in Syracuse NY on October 3rd. It was an absolutely hilarious show. My face hurt from laughing so much. The hour and half that he was on stage just flew by. He could have stayed on for another hour, and still wouldn't have been enough. If you haven't seen Bill Burr's show I highly recommend doing so. You won't regret it.

Why didn’t the doors open on time?

Marilyn Spector from Reno, Nevada
8th November 2023

We drove to Reno to see Bill Burr from the Bay Area. We arrived on time, and saw that there was a line 4 people abreast that went around the block. Bill even joked about it saying he thought there was a large protest happening. He wasn’t happy about it either. I loved the show, laughed all the way through it. I’d go see him again definitely, but not in Reno (although I doubt Bill will return there).