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About last night at Eccles

Kathryn A Jennings from Salt Lake City, Utah
23rd April 2024

Bill Maher, Thank you! Thank you for coming to Salt Lake! I needed to laugh so hard I almost cried. You were the perfect evening in a wonderfully imperfect world. I am a Berkeley born and raised native but because the universe has a sense of humor and I have a great career Salt Lake has been home for 33 years, thanks for visiting! I never spawned either and glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's cool and it would be great if both from runners keeled. Money well spent thank you!

Worth the Wait!

Doris Hanson from Las Vegas, Nevada
5th November 2023

Bill Maher did not disappoint. I have been a fan since Politically Incorrect, and he is the best! We never miss his show, and it was wonderful to see him live. We appreciated how he handled hecklers. I also appreciate his authenticity, intelligence, and wicked sense of humor. We look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Even better in person

Sara from Sacramento, California
26th February 2023

I’ve watched Real Time with Bill Maher since I was a teenager and I love the show. Seeing him live was even better. He delivered blunt commentary with humor and wit. The laughs kept coming and he really connected with the audience. I would totally see him again. Thanks for over 20 years of brilliant honest sarcasm.

Authentic, Biting, Witty and Funny

Kirk and Erikka from Buffalo, New York
10th October 2022

One of the greatest political commentators of all time. Really calls it straight. I love how he gives you a real thought experiment and then drives it deep with a great crack at the end. Perfect timing!! Brilliant observations and gives not one inch to either extreme. LOVED IT!!!!


J Duke from Houston, Texas
10th April 2022

Awesome 60 mins. We enjoyed the show and it was worth our 4 hr drive to see him . The material was great and the audience’s response was great. I could have seen him another hour lol , Great Show abs we co to us to see his show on HBO


Gavin Scott Pennington from Cincinnati, Ohio
9th November 2021

Bill's pills may be hard to swallow but that doesn't mean he's wrong. There isn't enough people speaking up against the almighty church and the self-righteous right that attend them. At the Cincinnati show we had two hecklers who expose themselves within the first 10 minutes of the show and I assume were ushered out. One of them shouted from directly behind me and I wasn't able to see who did it but security was hot and heavy in our section for the rest of the night. Why anyone would attend just to show their a$$ is beyond me but thanks for the support! The house was packed and everyone else seemed to enjoy the show. Of course, you're going to get some of Bill's greatest hits but I felt he was more fresh than ever before. For someone who jets city to city, in between doing a live show every week, Bill really gives you a real-time conversational feel to his show. You're not just somebody sitting in the audience listening to overly rehearsed jokes. We need more people like Bill. See him!