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Customer Reviews for Cirque du Soleil - Kooza

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Karen from Nanaimo
29th October 2023


spectacular and heart-stopping

meyer from Ottawa, Ontario
18th September 2022

Fabulous acrobatics by superb athletes presented with drama and flair. Our party included two children, their parents and grandparents and we were unanimous in our praise and excitement. Most of us don't risk our health and lives doing our jobs. These performers do and they manage to convincingly signal their enthusiasm and craft. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. dramatic

KOOZA SF 4pm, 1-19

Wm Fisher from San Francisco, California
21st January 2024

We’ve seen Cirque at least 6 times and it’s always wonderful. My 9 yr old granddaughter loved it, and that’s what mattered most to me. That said, at the intermission, they announced a “technical difficulty” would delay the start of the second half. The result was no use of the suspended “wheels of death” and a tedious drum solo (I’ve never had tolerance for drum solos, even when it was Keith Moon). All this with no explanation. Everyone could see the wheel rig hanging above the stage. I didn’t feel ill-used but would have appreciated a more straightforward sharing of why.

Amazing performers, but it lacks the artistic and cohesive visión that envelopes the entire narrative of the show.

Adolfo Ruiz from Vancouver, British Columbia
19th November 2023

I have seen Luzia and Alegria, and my mind was blown over and over again with them. However, Kooza was really dissapointing. The emotional artistry of the first 2 shows was so well crafted and all acts were interwoven into each other for a massive climax of characters, music and emotion. I shed tears during Alegria. None of that is part of Kooza. This show was just a regular circus with extremely high level performers. But no big scale story to hook you in. Save your money. Cirque Du Soleil has much better to offer.


RP from Calgary, Alberta
27th August 2023

This was the 4th or 5th circus du soleil that I have had the privilage to attend. I have loved all of the ones I have seen, Kooza has been my least favorite, and I definitely did not love it. Kooza lacked the depth to the story that the previous shows had. The main character of the story just fumbled about looking confused. The decor was plain. A couple of the acts were boring and basic. It has great potential of being an amazing show, but really lacked the overall quality that Circus du Soleil is famous for. Kooza did have some great acrobatic performances though.

Acrobatics 5/5, but too much boring filler material.

Jackson from Toronto, Ontario
14th May 2023

First cirque show that I felt was not worth the money. The acrobatic performances were outstanding but unfortunately majority of the time was taken up with filler material from the mimes/clowns who were not the least bit funny or entertaining. For the price of the tickets I was expecting to see a full show of top notch acrobatics, instead half the show felt like cheap children's party entertainment.