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Customer Reviews for Dave Koz Christmas Tour

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Ray Howard from Memphis,
25th November 2023

This was our 2nd Dave Coz Christmas concert, and it was tremendous! We’re from Tennessee and plan to make this an annual event. Jonathan Butler was outstanding, and all of the artists were very good. We will invite our friends next year, can’t wait!

Better than expected

EB from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8th December 2023

Wonderful concert so uplifting great show

Best Sax player in the world

Scott g from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
22nd December 2023

This show was amazing. Incredible Talent. Any of the people on the stage could tour on their own, but there they were, all together. Sensational. Dave gives everything he has with EVERY show. He is a truly great singer and leader of the longest running holiday concert tour in the US. This is a MUST see for anyone that missed the show. If you google the people in his band, you will be shocked to see the talent level. Star studded cast! You gotta get tickets for next year, or even drive to Cleveland if you have to. Don't miss this show.

Powerful! Fierce! Tremendous!

Sophia Cromwell from Carmel, Indiana
10th December 2018

I didnt know what to expect and I was BLOWN AWAY by the talent, pure joy, and absolute power Dave and every other extremely talented musician brought to the Carmel Paladium performance tonight!! I cant wait to buy their (soon to be released) recordings!!

Not as good as prior shows

Diane Peck from Phoenix, Arizona
17th December 2018

We have attended at least 10 Dave Koz Christmas tour shows and this one was very different and not in a good way. It was not what I would call a smooth jazz event given some of the guest performers. More slanted toward rock. The theater did not help the ambiance by shining flashing lights directly in the faces of the audience so you were blinded and could not see the stage while the lights were strobbing. We had headaches by intermission. All good things must end and this may have been the end of a great run.

Two thumbs down

Ed MacDonald from Carmel, Indiana
12th December 2021

The “Dave Koz and Friends Christmas Show” began with a solo guest guitarist who sang/played two Christmas songs and then four or five of his own non-Christmas compositions. After that there was a very long intermission. Everyone had returned to their seats and the band members took the stage without Dave Koz and just waited, and waited, and waited, for him to appear. It became very awkward as the band wasn’t playing anything but tried to get the audience to clap. Koz finally appeared without any explanation or apology. A much bigger annoyance we’re the large blue strobe lights that were pointed directly at us the entire time. It became so unbearable trying to shield our eyes from the bright lights that we left the concert early. We were very disappointed and won’t be attending another Koz concert again.