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Customer Reviews for Dream Theater

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April 4, 2019

Otilia from Toronto, Ontario
5th April 2019

Awesome - my first Dream Theater concert. They did not disappoint. What caliber of musicians. Can’t wait to hear more.


Cyrano Jones from Baltimore, Maryland
28th November 2017

One word - unicorns!

Dream Theater show at Toyota Music Factory in Irving Dec. 2

Gino, Rockwall Texas from Dallas, Texas
4th December 2017

Best show of the year. The band, the professionals they are, were flawless. Every musician in the band is a master of their instrument from odd timing to complex harmonies buried in buoyant melody. Images and Words album was played and sounded just as good as 25 years ago. Looking forward to their next album which was announced for the year 2018. No wonder they have a loyal following... Rock on....

2.5 out of 3's not bad

Matt H. from Phoenix, Arizona
28th July 2023

First off, highly entertaining night in all. Started with jaw dropping Animals as Leaders taking my breathe away with instrumental skill beyond most bands capabilities and tasty head banging moments between mind altering prog glory! Then Devin Townsend takes the stage with a voice with a built in distortion pedal and vocal range to die for. Unique is the word and incredibly fun to enjoy. Then the main event, Dream Theater. Now I have seen them once before and was amazed, stunned and enthralled with the walls of sound, the incomparable talents and musicianship. And...that's what I got with this show with exception of the vocals. James LaBrie is accomplished with many years behind him of astonishing performance. Unfortunately if he doesn't make some changes soon, behind him is where his reputation is going to stay. Pitch problems, engagement and at one moment almost felt like self pity from James took a toll on the show. I believe lower key changes might resolve this. Good luck sir.

Awesome performance. Sound mix needed improvement.

Bassman from St. Louis, Missouri
18th February 2022

The musicians performed flawlessly! The sound definitely needed improvements though. Petrucci’s guitar cut through the mix very well but the cymbals were shrill and overbearing. Overall experience was great but the sound was definitely too loud.

Great set list, some equipment problems?

Lawrence from Nashville, Tennessee
25th April 2019

Set list for first set was outstanding, second set was entire Scenes From a Memory, one of their best if not best albums. Could be because of where we sat, but amp and/or mix on Mangini's bass drum was horrible, drowned out Myung's work at times. Weird half-note drop lasting a few seconds cropped up on Petrucci's and Rudess' audio at times during the second set, perhaps due to a current sag that the theater couldn't handle? Audio feedback in Mangini's earpiece may have been delayed at the end of Finally Free, he was out of sync with the rest of the band. These are minor points, overall the show was great and I enjoyed it very much. Glad to see them in Nashville, funny story from LaBrie about their first visit. New album is a monster, can't wait for their next tour where they'll hopefully play more songs from it.