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Eckhart Tolle in NYC at the Beacon Theater

Frank Del Bagno from New York, New York
1st April 2018

Eckhart gave a two hour talk last night, as many were celebrating the Easter Vigil and Passover, Eckhart's talk of how to make the world a better place by being present in the Now, seeing the Being side of who we are as compared to the Human side. He was terrific without script it just flowed with wisdom and words that resounded with me who attend. The theater was packed, and I ask you who could sit in a chair and talk for two hours about what is formless or God and get people in NYC to come and listen and pay in some cases $250. is astounding to me. He is an instrument being used just as great singers or great artists are used from a source that comes out of them into the world. Eckhart is used for that source to unite, bring love, and place a light on our egos, and false attachments to our minds and thoughts. For those who hold strong political opinions he stressed not to see the other person as an enemy because of their opinions. Many times opinions have us not us having them.

Wanted to love it

Kiki A. from Oakland, California
24th September 2022

Sorry I found myself lost in my own thoughts, after the first hour of being in the now not past or future, the now wasn’t keeping me present. Venue was great, beautiful theater, staff kept us safe by monitoring people not wearing mask.

Eckhart Tolle