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Customer Reviews for Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin

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Wanted more of Enrique

Raija garcia from Sacramento, California
16th November 2021

Enrique was awesome , Love him! The crowd loves him and he is very comfortable with the audience . The crowd stood the entire time that Enrique was on stage, and wanted more ! We didn’t get to say good bye! Ricky was awesome though he didn’t have the same excitement as people sat down for half his set . The dancing, drumming and props were fantastic and Ricky has a great voice.

Enrique was great.Ricky-not so much.

M. Kent from Dallas, Texas
4th November 2021

I thought Enrique was fantastic and went out of his way to engage fans. The kissing scene was the main event as it surprised every woman there last night! Happily married? Seriously, he was awesome. I left two songs into Ricky. He sounded horse and out of breath on the first song. Thought he was actually terrible. To each their own.

Enrique Review

Duninxs from Los Angeles, California
21st November 2021

Ricky owned the show by far (all stars to RM!) EI looked tired and most of the audience was singing. EI looked like he was lip singing most of his songs. Sliding on stage is not a performance. I sat through most of his performance.

I am less fan of Enrique after this concert

Saratoga Springs NY from New York, New York
2nd November 2023

Ricky Martín was amazing. Great energy, beautiful voice, and marvelous dancers. Everything was well organized. Enrique looked drunk and sometimes was barely singing. Kiss with one of the performers was just awkward. Very disappointed

Ricky was awesome!!! 5 stars for you

Ana from Orlando, Florida
1st November 2021

Rickys performance was great!, very professional and on point. In the other hand, Enrique was a mess, he was acting very unprofessional. To the point we walk out of the concert. He needs to grow up. We pay to hear him performing not acting like a fool.

Ricky is a professional showman!!

Lori from San Antonio, TX
7th November 2021

Sebastian Yatra was a great opener, the kid has carisma and great songs!! Something was wrong with Enrique, but still we had a good time watching him…Ricky is something else, each song have a great intro, but more important, he sang!!!