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Customer Reviews for Girl From The North Country

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north country in Los Angeles

Roderick Smith from Los Angeles
5th June 2024

set aside your usual demands for a "plot". it not going in that direction. It's a time in history. The Depression. A rooming house. Folks trying to hold on. The music soars like dream clouds out of this scenario. There is so much joy and freedom from the exquisite performances all set against the grim reality of the 1930's that one can not leave without a sense of hope and joy in spite of the times.

Experience Dylan like you never have before.

Linda Miller from Los Angeles
5th June 2024

The set list alone should get your attention! Incredible. Exquisite renderings set like dream clouds in the play. No it doesn't drive like a tank with its plot and so for those story minded folks they may be confused but let go of your preconceived notions about musicals and bask in the time and place and the way the sterling songs lift you to a deeper more contemplative state.

A fragmented portrayal of fragmented lives

Dale Wilkerson from Dallas, Texas
20th April 2024

Speaking as more of a Dylan-guy than a fan of musicals, I enjoyed this show. Don't get me wrong, I very much respect the artistry and skill of the theater. I agree with most, that the vocal performances were outstanding. I also enjoyed the re-arrangements and fugal meshing of songs. I appreciated the many deep cuts from Dylan's corpus, as well as the more familiar songs. While I enjoyed the vocals more than the storyline, I find the negative reviews ironic, as they typically mention depressing themes explored in this characterization of life during...ahem...The Great Depression. What I take from the story is that while it's true hard times bring out the good and bad in people, they also bring out the practical need to "keep on keeping on" despite what comes. There's a kind of nobility in that. Hope, despair, humor, vulgarity, cynicism, confusion, gender and racial dynamics, spirituality, and so on: they're all found in most lives and made themes in this story. Highly recommended.

Totally awesome!!!

Peej from Boston, Massachusetts
24th March 2024

I thought this show was totally awesome! I can't understand all of the low reviews. This is not a light-hearted musical, but that is not what I expected. This show has a great storyline with the Bob Dylan music enhancing it. All around great cast and strong performances. Stand outs were Jennifer Blood as Elizabeth Laine and Matt Manuel as Joe Scott


Amy from Cleveland, OH
8th December 2023

Ignore the one star reviews. This touring show is very, very well done. People who expect all musicals to be “Hello Dolly” might be disappointed by “Girl From The North Country” (and I say that as a fan of “Hello Dolly”!). But this is a very grownup play with music. It has more in common with Greek tragedy than with most feel-good musicals. The Dylan songs aren’t *meant* to advance the plot—they keep the mood going and let you ponder all the feelings the characters are too emotionally inarticulate to express. The cast is dynamite. I was weeping by the end. Give it a chance. It’s thorny and different and wonderful.

Great Play

Martha from Schenectady, New York
7th December 2023

This is simply a great play. The music, the acting and the different scenes are well done. It is easy to follow, there is nothing confusing and this play is not hard to follow. The actors are great, and professionals. Do not deter yourself from seeing this great piece of art. Those who gave it 1 star are jealous period.