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Customer Reviews for Girl From The North Country

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Amy from Cleveland, OH
8th December 2023

Ignore the one star reviews. This touring show is very, very well done. People who expect all musicals to be “Hello Dolly” might be disappointed by “Girl From The North Country” (and I say that as a fan of “Hello Dolly”!). But this is a very grownup play with music. It has more in common with Greek tragedy than with most feel-good musicals. The Dylan songs aren’t *meant* to advance the plot—they keep the mood going and let you ponder all the feelings the characters are too emotionally inarticulate to express. The cast is dynamite. I was weeping by the end. Give it a chance. It’s thorny and different and wonderful.

Great Play

Martha from Schenectady, New York
7th December 2023

This is simply a great play. The music, the acting and the different scenes are well done. It is easy to follow, there is nothing confusing and this play is not hard to follow. The actors are great, and professionals. Do not deter yourself from seeing this great piece of art. Those who gave it 1 star are jealous period.

Open Your Mind To “Girl From the North Country”

MAI from Chicago, Illinois
18th February 2024

“Girl From the North Country” is certainly melancholy & sad, but much more depressing are the reactions that I’m reading here. It’s as if this musical has to conform to more standard musicals because of a refusal to view it on any other terms or to recognize what it tries to accomplish. This is a mood piece, a musical tone poem, and its kaleidoscope of lonely, alienated characters face a time of misery. It has some of the greatness of “Our Town,” and its multitude of overlapping characters trying to survive in their own way reminded me of a Robert Altman movie. More important than the plight of each character is the summation of all of them — the mood that is cast through staging and these reworked, plaintive, stripped down Bob Dylan songs. This show aches…that doesn’t mean it’s a one-star show. Instead of harping on your disappointment with the “story,” perhaps you should ask a more important question borrowed from one of the great musical poets of our time: “How Does It Feel?”

Worst show I’ve seen in years

Mike from Chicago, Illinois
23rd February 2024

I’ll give 2 stars to the cast just for making it through this long, messy show night after night. I could barely handle 2.5 hours of it. Too many story lines trampling over each other at full blast. In the end I felt nothing for any of the characters other than relief when they were put out of their misery as the house lights came up at the end.

Do not recommend

Kim from NW Indiana
16th February 2024

I’ve only seen two plays or musicals that I would never see again, and this is one of them. It was more a play that had music as the songs were more like the character’s inner thoughts. It was very dark (literally and metaphorically) with singers/actors frequently facing away from the audience. Many people around me left. There were so many side stories wound through that it made it difficult to get emotionally connected to the majority of them. The gentlemen near me confirmed that the general feeling around the bars at intermission was confusion. Many people left at intermission- one couple in front of me left after maybe 30 minutes. The singers were very talented but the plot was convoluted.

Great Singers/Poor Story Line

Sue from Kansas City, Missouri
25th January 2024

This was a disappointment and I would have left at intermission, but I had carpooled. The voices were amazing, but the story line was convulted and hard to follow at times. This needs to be re-written with more UMPH! Again, the music/singers were great, sorry their talents were wasted on a poor story line.