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Customer Reviews for Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra

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Jeff Lynne's ELO

Linda Foster from Los Angeles, California
5th August 2018

Absolutlely fantastic show. The seats and sound system at the Forum were perfect. I would take my whole family to see the show.,it was totally mesmerizing. May be a little late for small children but everyone would love it. Jeff Lynne at his best. Doesn't let you down.!!


ELO fan from Los Angeles, California
6th August 2018

Wanted to see Jeff Lynne & ELO since I was a teen! This was so worth the wait!! Outstanding concert - wonderful crowd too! A quick shout out to the opening band Dawes as well!! This is a must see show!

ELO at The Inglewood Forum Aug 4th 2018

LS from Los Angeles, California
5th August 2018

At age 16, I went to see The Electric Light Orchestra. Now, over 40 years later, I took Hunter to see them last night. This is an example of how practice makes perfect. Jeff Lynne and his fellow musicians absolutely killed it! His voice is as good at 70 as it was at 30. An amazing achievement for a man of his age. They have another show tonight at The Forum. If ya'all have nothing to do this evening, check 'em out.


Don from Los Angeles, CA
21st August 2018

When I was 18, I saw ELO in Philadelphia (1981). That show was amazing but nothing compared to this second LA show. They didn't miss a single note. It should tell you something about Jeff Lynne that he's comfortable enough to surround himself with amazing musical talent and then showcase that talent (consider how many solos). To do what Jeff Lynne does, especially for someone so clearly uncomfortable with being the center of attention, speaks volumes about the man. I don't impress easily, but it's hard not to watch this band perform and remember you aren't reliving one of the coolest moments of your younger years. Thank you for your music, Jeff.

Pure Genius

Kathy Gorman from Fredericton NB
19th July 2019

I first heard ELO as a teenager when El Dorado was released. I immediately fell in love with the music. Jeff - you had me at the Overture and when you played it last night I nearly cried for joy! I have loved the music since the 70s and always will. Last night's concert was beyond amazing and unbelievable as it sounds, was even better than the one last August- which was awesome! Jeff please keep touring because we'll keep showing up!

What a special, exhilarating performance

Sean from Vancouver, BC
2nd July 2019

What an incredible 51st birthday gift from my wife. With two tickets we agreed that I would take our 16 year old, a burgeoning artist himself. This was his first 'big' concert and wasn't as familiar with ELO as myself. All I can say he was gobsmacked by this show, as was I. Tremendous sound, visuals, lights, energy, just overall an amazing showcase of talent. My son left feeling so motivated. He was astounded how good Jeff Lynne sounded after all this time. I've been to a lot of concerts in my time, but this one gave me chills and just delivered in every aspect. It's important to me we pass along to the next generation the music and talents we grew up with and I know at least my son is the better for it. He's got the bug now for more concerts. Thank you Jeff Lynne for delivering and deciding to tour again.