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Customer Reviews for Jesus Christ Superstar

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Joann Rossi from Los Angeles, California
31st December 2022

My fifth time seeing this show over the years. It really was a true rock opera. The music and the lyrics of course amazing but something new was added to this version. Dancing was incredible. They had so much energy, so creative in every way. Was totally surprised and in awe of the choreography. Each song was perfectly matched to the performer’s voice. If you are a fan, please don’t miss this show. It is a triple WOW!!

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Bob Gookin from Los Angeles, California
3rd November 2019

I was in fifth grade when I got the album from the Columbia Record Club. My mom let me stay home from school the next day and I played it non-stop, and kept playing it, over and over, eventually wearing it out. I'm not particularly religious, but I was drawn to the politics of Jesus's struggle against the powers that be on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. The new iteration captures this beautifully, updating the story with a high energy modern vibe that kept everything I loved about the album, but made it infinitely more accessible to my teenage daughters. The vocals were very solid - led, of course, by Judas. But Jesus had some wonderful moments, Mary Magdalene was perfect and Caiaphas was stunning. The band was wonderful, the opening guitar riff brought down the house, and the dancers were mesmerizing. Honestly can't think of a time that a dancer brought me to tears, but the lead dancer in this production did just that. Great play, great performance, great night.


Mary from Fresno, California
16th January 2024

My husband saw original 50 years ago . I saw somewhat later. This production is very good. We enjoyed it all. Interpretation slightly different from years ago but still wonderful.


Cindy Wiechmann from Fresno, California
16th January 2024

Saw this rendition of one of my favorite if not favorite shows last night. I have seen Ted Neeley (Jesus) and Carl Anderson (Judas) in the stage version of the original rock opera several times (as well as seeing the movie a million times) and was looking forward to this version. It did not disappoint. It stayed pretty much in step with the original rock opera with a modern kind of hip hop/modern dance twist. The vocals were amazing as well as the set design. The live music was amazing. Go with an opened mind and you will really enjoy the show! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!


sgs from Denver, Colorado
25th January 2024

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this production. The show was powerful with the excellent singing, dancing, lighting, and set design. The use of props was very clever and the band was outstanding. Great production to honor the 50th Anniversary!


rudy from San Antonio, Texas
18th November 2023

beautiful ;choreography 'cast are phenomenal loved it not 5 stars more like10