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Jim doesn’t remember!

Sophie Aubry from Ottawa, Ontario
25th October 2023

I just watched Jim on Kimmel’s show and he says he does not remember this show at all even though he did 2 1/2 hours. This was because he was on a double dose of morphine as he started to pass a kidney stone in Kingston. Very painful but the show must go on! He compares his manager to Col. Parker, Elvis’s ruthless agent. Jim has only good things to say about Canadians, esp. the guy who let him go ahead of him for treatment in the emergency in Kingston (he also compared Queen’s to Harvard).

Start to finish on point and hilarious

Smitty from Toronto, Ontario
9th November 2022

All the reviews that whine about his content and even the one stupid enough to say "not for children" should know who/what they're going to see before giving one star because he's not child friendly!! giimme a break...the guy's whole career has been about being on the edge and he did not disappoint, all the cancel culture, everyone gets a trophy, whiny bitches shouldn't have been there to begin with and have no right to comment, sensitive people should avoid all together. As a person that doesn't take himself or anything seriously as far as who's far game to make fun of or joke about.... It was one of, if not my favorite, comedy event I've been to. Good job Jim, keep pissing off everyone!


AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
16th June 2022

To the reviewer whose review title was named " FILTHY", given your remarks, I would assume this was your first Jim Jeffries show? Let's face it, Jim has been, rude, crude, and "filthy" in all his shows. Many of his shows have also been brave and very thought provoking and insitefull. Go take kids to a Mary Poppins movie next time, your review albeit subjective, was hilarious in it's own right! You do know he is a comedian right? 🤣 🤣🤣

Jim jefferies put on a great show

Mike brown from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
25th October 2021

Very funny worth every penny

Jim Jefferies roars back to the stage after Covid - Better than ever!

James Pisano from Hackensack, NJ
24th September 2021

I’ve been a fan of Jim Jefferies since Legit, and the Jim Jefferies show. I watch his podcast every Tuesday. I was so excited for him to come back to the stage, and he did not disappoint! This was the first show of the “Moist” tour, and seeing him try out new material, tell stories about his life and family, and tell some of the best jokes I’ve heard in a long time was an absolute honor. We got “meet and greet” passes, and he was so gracious, took the time to talk to each fan, engaged with everyone, and was so genuine. I know he has said his stand up days may be over soon, but I hope he changes his mind… I hope the world gets to enjoy his comedy, his point of view, and his laughter for many years to come.

Outstanding performance

David H from Tucson, AZ
17th February 2020

I had seen Jim's three Netflix specials, so I knew what to expect and was dying to hear his new material. He did not disappoint. I got dehydrated from all the tears flying out of my eyes from laughing so hard. There is simply no group he will not make fun of. And the poor mom in the first row who clapped when he mentioned he had dyslexia - she (and her son) will never forget that night. Saw him on Valentine's Day 2020 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. If you are in to out of the box humor, do not miss him if he comes to your town. We drove over 7 hours each way from Tucson, and the trip was well worth it (though Las Vegas was a one-and-done for me!)