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Kaleo @ Grey Eagle

Wendi from Calgary, Alberta
6th May 2022

Absolutely rocked - enjoyed every minute of it! Opening band Bone Owens was a happy surprise - loved them! Was my first time at this facility - they will be seeing more of me! Small enough for an intimate feel but large enough to rock out!


Marie OConnell from Vancouver, British Columbia
12th May 2022

This has to be the best band in years. Julius has the best rock/ blues voice. They put on a magnificent show. Loved every second of it. Watch out folks this band will compete with any of the greats.


Ed & Cindy A. from Seattle, Washington
24th February 2022

Everything and more! They played almost 2 hours following Myron Elkins; who was also a great treat to hear. Both were powerful instrumentals and vocals. They both rocked it and we Loved it! Thank You for the experience.

I just noticed that the under 30 crowd doesn't like rock anymore

George Hesselman from Portland, Oregon
28th February 2022

That is sad. Our whole culture was turned upside down because of rock and now rock seems to be the provence of oldsters (actually mid-thirties). But this was one goddamn rocking concert. One of the best I've ever seen. In Portland, only the Foals and Barns Courtney came close. Everyone was up and roaring for 90 minutes. What a sense of community! You won't find that that feeling of comradery (blue, red, old, young ad infinitum) in balladeers singing about their lost loves. No one sat down for the whole concert! It was like seeing the Talking Heads at the Paramount in 1978. Kaleo TORE the house down.


Katie Ivins from Atlanta, Georgia
31st March 2022

I waited and bought tickets for both red rocks and the tabernacle. I just knew Save Yourself, My Mother’s arms and I want more would be a part of the show. I guess I fell in love with parts of their music others didn’t. I feel the show was amazing and I feel let down simultaneously. I carried my mother’s ashes to the show. You are my favorite group and I hope I experience more. You all were still breathtaking