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Customer Reviews for Logic

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Super hype!

Beto Ortiz from Miami, Florida
23rd October 2019

JID and Cordane were great openers, and Logic didnt disappoint. I wish he played confessions of a dangerous mind though, thats my favorite song off the album and one of the strongests yet he skipped it. OH well, still had lots of fun. I was surprised to see that he didnt sell out the arena though.

Logic Delivered!

Anonymous from Cleveland, Ohio
13th November 2019

Went to the Logic show in Cleveland last night. He delivered! He played 20+ songs-even though they were shortened they were great. They show had a really good flow. He connected with the audience and talked to people from the stage, which gave it a really intimate feeling. I can't wait to see what's next for him. I'll definitely make a point to see him wherever he plays from now on. Great show from a great entertainer!

Logic @ amphitheatre

Jayn from Kelowna , British Columbia
17th July 2018

Everyone seemed to be trying their best, logic seemed tired. It takes a lot to be an entertainer, don’t get me wrong, I have friends in the business. But when you end a show ten minutes before it actually ends, regardless of how many people show up, your selling your fans who paid your massive wages short. It seems as though he was disappointed with the fact that he didn’t sell out a smaller than usual venue. I love your tracks your flow and your vibe and your growth Logic. No disrespect, but if you’re tired, you don’t have to keep the show going. But you decided to keep the show going, so give us your all. Hope you accomplish all your dreams. I can just see you rockin that piano! Check out Leila Neverland from Kelowna B.C. She will give you a ton of inspiration!

Logic the rap show

Jeremy Carr from Houston, Texas
29th July 2018

It wasn't worth going to except for when 2nd was playing his set which was very good.Logic didn't seem to know what the crowd wanted which was to show up and perform .Half of his set was playing top40 music and singing happy birthday song and one Christmas song.When He did perform 3 tracks but then just gave up I guess?Almost like he was unsure of what to do because of the Christian influence of 2nd.Just play the set the same as you would. because they're Christians doesn't mean the don't want to hear the same thing as everybody else.