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Customer Reviews for Lost 80s Live

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Naked eyes missing and Sound provlems

DT from Los Angeles, California
30th August 2022

Venue was great and faculties awesome. I know lots of pot in the air but naked eyes was missing and no one said anything!! WTF!! The sound was not close to flattering for the bands. Wang Chung songs with a sax that had no mic? Trying to fix it during the song was bad. Get like we were seeing a practice set lol!!! Lip sync by Stacy Q was just bad but she did bring her huge ass purse on stage which was like WTF!! But I will say the bands did rock!!! Maybe next year will see this fixed. And maybe some true concert shirts and not the target generic shirts would be appreciated by us who buy the shirts. The ones in the parking lot looked better.

Surprised By How Much I liked it!

Al G. from Chicago, Illinois
12th August 2019

I happen to win the tickets on the radio and didn't expect much. Man was I surprised. The Motels (Lead singer) Killed it! Wang Chung was fantastic, haven't missed a beat in 30+ years. Surprise of the night for me was the Tubes. Loved there set. The band that I was most disappointed with was the Flock of Seagulls. Not sure if it was the first 4 songs they played that I didn't know, especially being the end of the night but the one song I did know, they tore it up. Was a pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the evening.

Great artists and lineup, horrible sound guys and technical team

Vince S from Austin, Texas
25th August 2019

This review is of the 2019 version of this show. This would be a SOLID 5 star review if it weren't for numerous (literally DOZENS) of technical screwups and sound issues for this show. It began shortly after 6PM and ended at almost 11:30PM, so 5+ hours of 14 bands and performers from the 80s was close to pure heaven. But again back to the sound ... 12 of the 14 bands were frantically signalling from the stage that they were experiencing issues. Send Me an Angel (one of my favorite tracks of that decade) literally did not have the synth sounds working (only a drum and guitar ... yeah, try imagining that song without a synth and that is what it was ... super disappointing). The sound guys were still going ON STAGE and working on mics all the way up to the 2nd to the last song (Space Age Love Song); what a joke. But again, we had a great time and there was enough value and fun that it outweighed the sound and technical issues (at least for the audience; I'm sure the bands gave the sound guys a well deserved reaming after that evening of errors).

Everybody Wang Chunged

Rob Dudley from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
10th September 2019

The venue was good. Laid back vibe with good sightlines. So many bands on one stage with few songs caused technical issues, but it was a thrill to see The Vapors and The Motels perform live. Richard Blade was a genial host and the 80s videos were superb. It was fast and loose as it happened but the crowd enjoyed themselves, and I was delighted to be there.

Not a good show.

Mike K from Los Angeles, California
28th August 2023

I was excited to see Belinda Carlisle & a little excited to see the other artist, but unfortunately I left underwhelmed. The sound was not great. They could of turned it up a little. Belinda sound was off & not loud enough. Her set was very short, she only played 6 or 7 songs. I realize it's not a Go Go's show, but she left out Vacation & Our lips are sealed. Also she left out Circles in the sand. Only 30 minutes maybe even 25 minutes for a headliner. That's way too short. She looked great though & her voice sounded pretty good, but in general the whole show had sound issues. Dale Bozzio even mentioned about 5 times to turn it up during her 2 song setlist. That's it 2 songs. Wow! What a joke this concert was. Last year the show was way too loud. Obnoxiously loud, this year, too low!!!


AC from Dallas, Texas
26th August 2019

I was excited to be going to the show since it was my first time going. I was disappointed there were so many issues with the microphones and the sound set ups. The best artists were the Motels and Wang Chung. It seemed like everything was unprepared and not ready for a show with so many artists. I don't think I'll be going next year.