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Customer Reviews for LP - Laura Pergolizzi

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Carol from Vancouver, British Columbia
16th April 2022

We were in the cheap seats and it was fun! LP had audience dancing and singing for the whole show. What a strong performer and their voice exudes power. Thank You LP for a great evening out.

No disappointment here!

Nicola from Vancouver, British Columbia
17th April 2022

Admittedly it was loud and I struggled to understand the lyrics to the opening act BUT was thrilled with LP..voice, whistle, graciousness to fans up in front of stage. Loved the show, singing along, dancing with a very happy audience was the best feeling in the world after waiting all this time to see her again! Loved every minute of it!

Even noise quality can’t slow LP down

Local from San Diego, California
23rd May 2022

I agree that something was going on with the sound quality for both the opening act and LP. Despite this LP’s performance didn’t disappoint. She is a legend and icon. Maybe when she blows up her sound people will get it right.

LP - The most underrated artist in the States ever.

Donna from Santa Ana, CA
15th February 2019

Four and a half months ago, by sheer chance, I was introduced to LP’s Lost on You Live Session. From that moment, I needed to learn everything I could about this amazing singer. All the videos I watched, all the interviews, all the photos I saw, all the songs I had listened to over and over, did nothing to dampen the chills and emotions I felt when LP hit the stage at The Observatory in Santa Ana. It was absolutely electrifying. The crowd in the packed venue erupted in roars as she commanded the stage. I had arrived there hours early to ensure I got a good spot front and center. Her aura spilled across the stage, she was right in front of me, I almost couldn’t believe she was real. The eclectic crowd continued to cheer. Every age, every ethnicity, every sexual orientation was represented in that room, all united by a love for LP. We were told ahead of time that LP wasn’t feeling well. That was an understatement. LP told us she was “sick as f*ck” and for her to say that, someone with immense fortitude, she must have been sick as f*ck. And she was. But LP being LP, she pushed through. She gave it her absolute all. Her set list was shortened, she played for an hour and although I didn’t want it to end, I was relieved for her to finish so that she could rest. Thank you LP. This was my first full performance and you did not disappoint. I am now even more convinced that you are not from this planet.

The lighting and screens were atrocious

Allyson from Los Angeles, California
23rd May 2022

I was so excited to see this genius performer. However last night at The Greek Theatre the lighting direction was horrible. Fog machines, no spotlighting, and at times LP was in the dark. The screens were in black and white and never once did a member of the band get highlighted. Flashing lights were pointed towards the audience and were blinding. We were told by the lighting crew that this was on request by LP. We never saw her face. Either she was scared of a potential threat or had surgery..but it was bizarre and boring. I love her but will not go to see her live as it could have been a stand in! Strange.

Sound ruined it

Lisa from Toronto, Ontario
5th November 2023

What an amazing talent! Wish we could have heard LP’s extraordinary voice and lyrics over the excess bass. That was a lot of effort and energy put in by the musicians to have the result sound very disappointing.

LP - Laura Pergolizzi