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Customer Reviews for Luis Miguel

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Judith Mendez-Irra from Los Angeles, California
20th September 2018

He started late but worth the wait. No pre-recorded track. It was all HIM. His musicians accompanying him are top notch. His personality on stage filled The Forum. He played a beautiful array of his music. It was worth the trip!!!!!

Maria Yzabella from San Diego

Maria Yzabella Campuzano from Los Angeles, California
18th September 2018

Mi Sol de Mexico. . Jyst seem him last night at the Forum in Inglewood CA. He was a little behind schedule but who cares..Once he was on stsge.. we all forgot. The audience received him while tons on Live and applauded him. He is do amazing. No one like him..No doubt.. His voice is so great. Sounds beautifully and he looks amazing. When he sand with the Mariachi his vocals were on point and when he sand along with the rythm and harmony of the piano..he melted my heart..but shows how talented this man is...He loves music and he really loves his fans.. As fans we just need to keep supporting him and not bad mouth him..we are His family. . I Love you Luis Miguel Forever you Fan. Besitos!!!!!:)

Luis miguel still the greatest

Paulina tsigonoff from Los Angeles. Ca
23rd May 2018

He is a great singer . Performing since 40 years since the age 8 .. Do if he wants the audience to sing so be it . I just saw him here in los Angeles he first Time at the Hollywood bowl. So Las Vegas get ready for the concert to remember. I recommend you go

Luis miguel still the greatest

Paulina tsigonof from Los Angeles. Ca
23rd May 2018

I see alot of negative reviews . But he is a performer that has been singing since 8 or 9. Years old , 40 years of singing earns him the right to have his audience sing to him. The voice was spectacular and looks amazing . The show at the Hollywood bowl was a night to remember. A fan since 1994. Soni recommends when in vegas it is a great show . And you will have a marvelous time .

He is the best Singer English/or Spanish.

Dan Martinay from Las Vegas, Nevada
5th September 2019

Everyone has to remember that he is human and he sings some long and intensive concerts. He gets sick just like we do, and sometimes he wont feel good, besides he is getting up there in age. So far from the concerts that I have been to none of them have disappointed me. He likes to have his fans sing his songs also, there is nothing wrong with that. What he needs is a better manager and people that work the audio etc. I dont mind being his manager, he just need someone to manage as a perfectionist like him. It would be great if he can sing songs that he he has not sing before, like ese momento, dias felices, deja que salga laluna, te extrano, etc. Over all he is the best of the best,and only a few artist come a little bit close, like mariah carey, celine dion and jose, jose, I will be there on september 15,2019 for mexican independence day in las vegas, and hopefully he will sing mariachi from his current album only, because we have herd all the other mariachi on previous concerts.


Carola Delgado from New York, New York
26th July 2019

I got into Luis Miguel or how my mother calls him MICKY at an early age. My mom is his same age so you can all imagine. I am forever jealous of my mother for living is a time where luis miguel's music was the main attention in all latin america. Also grateful at the same time that I am able to enjoy his legacy with my mother. We went to see him in Uniondale NEW YORK i was able to get my mom and i 4th row tickets and we cried, we sang, we laughed, we loved every minute of it. What an amazing voice, what a great performer. I hope he knows WHO AND WHAT HE MEANS TO AN ENTIRE CULTURE AND GENERATIONS. COME BACK TO NY PLEASE !