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Charles Heintz from Metlife Stadium
7th August 2023

This was my first show, but metallica after over 40 years still kicks ass and rocked the metlife stadium in 2023!! Metallica for life!!!!


Leighann from Indianapolis, Indiana
13th March 2019

This concert was amazing! It was mine and my boyfriends first time at a Metallica concert and we couldnt of asked for anything better! they showed up and fucking performed! it was amazing.... to everyone saying the sound was bad youre full of shit my seats they sounded great! every bit of that show was everything i expected and more! rock on


Joshua Pullen from Nashville, Tennessee
25th January 2019

Couldn’t contain myself I was like a little kid waiting to open his Christmas presents!!! Loved every second of it. The first part when Metallica came out gives me goosebumps!!! Keep rocking on!!!!!!!!


Eric marvel from Newark, Delaware
26th October 2018

Show was just awesome!!! They were unbelievably great. I loved every minute of it and never wanted it to end. I love Metallica. I’ve seen them about 7 times in my life and this was my favorite show. Please come back to philly soon and often!!!❤️🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻


Eric from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
18th October 2018

Good music over sound system prior to band taking stage--ace of spades, live wire, to name 2. Once band came on, excellent energy but first 3 songs were marred by bad audio mix. Unforgiven at song 4 (setlist says song 5, maybe I spaced) was really good and quite a surprise. Sound dude seemed to get his stuff together at this point and was spot on rest of night. Video and stage lighting was state of art with dozens of smaller units in sync and colors were bathing arena in reds/oranges. Song 5, now that we're dead had a drumming sequence that was amazing. Each of the band played on a unit that came up from the stage. Never done before I don't think. Fade to Black mid-set was so freaking powerful. Band was 100% there all night. They flew through Master at 1st set end. Crowd was fully engaged singing every word. Half the song Hatfield was away from mic. Encore first song Spit out the bone was epic. Then "nothing else matters" cooled things off too much IMO. Sandman was average. Rock on!

Metallice in Albany NY

Joe baughn from Albany, New York
30th October 2018

Awesome show! Love that there was no opening band. Jim Bruer was great even brought an adorable little girl on stage and got the arena to chant her name, she will have that amazing memory forever! The band was on big-time, sound was amazing, set list could not have been any better, stage set up was cool with the floating box to light combos. I have seen Metallica 11 times and this was right up there in the top 3 performances I've seen. Amazing show. Thank you for the years of ass kcking music!!!!