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Customer Reviews for Pearl Jam

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Awesome show

David from Denver, Colorado
9th December 2022

I can’t imagine what the complaints are about. Where were you sitting? From our seat it sounded and looked amazing.

Give them 5 stars

Anonymous from Las Vegas, Nevada
20th May 2024

I like them and I love how they sounded. Politics, man, can celebrities stop talking about politics? Just stop! That was only downer…otherwise I love you, five stars ⭐️

pearl jam

Anonymous from Las Vegas, Nevada
21st May 2024

awesome show


Anonymous from Denver, Colorado
23rd September 2022

It was incredible. this lady above is a whiner. I've seen 40 PJ shows, this one was one of the best

High energy

Jerry from Chicago, Illinois
8th September 2023

They didn't play the song I came to hear, Better Man. ....Like seeing the Lakers and Lebron sits out.

Band was great the visual graphics were bush leag

Christine Tobin from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15th September 2022

PJ played great The video graphics were terrible It was like watching a broken television $85 to see beat graphics from the 70s Fire ur graphics team bc they suck Go to a Tool show to see how graphics r done Then i wouldn't mind spending $85 Putting MTV style videos up on the screens sucks I want to see the band not videos I hate when PJ gets political We go to your concerts to get away from that shit not have it shoved down our throats again I don't want to hear ur political bullshit Keep politics out of it it's so boring We ended up leaving early cuz of the political pandering & the venue sucks Thanks Pearl Jam for being the greatest rock band ever to a band with a liberal cause & political agenda Some stuff seemed staged Its rock & roll so Y stage stuff? Just let stuff happen I'm a big fan & saw them 7x but no more The Venue screens r so outdated & haven't changed since the place was built The lawn sucks bc its so crowded It cost $70 to rent a shitty chair Worst place to see a show