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Paulina from Portland, Oregon
27th October 2019

I've been a massive penatholic (pentatonix fan) for about 4 years now, and I've been to their tours in the past, but this one definitely topped it! I got VIP for my second time, it was much better than the first (nicest people you will ever meet, trust me), and since VIP was early access, we also got moved up to right floor, section 6, second row, and the view was amazing! the crowd sold out with 23,000 people, the energy was amazing, they put on a great show for all ages, it's crazy how it didn't even sound like a Capella, They even got the whole crowd to be quiet with off mic song. They interacted with the crowd so well, their opening acts (Citizen Queen and Rachel Platten) were AMAZING as well! their special effects were amazing, the sound quality was amazing, the choreo was amazing as well! i lost my voice from screaming and singing! Felt more like a rock concert than a a Capella show. Was definitely worth the 4 hour drive!

Great show! A must if you love Pentatonix

Lisa from San Francisco, California
13th May 2019

The show was amazing!!! They have really upped the production, lighting and overall quality of the show. It’s now 2 hours long. It definitely has the feel of a rock concert, just as they advertise it. Their voices were in excellent condition and they sang many of their older songs fans have been requesting for years. The new original song sounds fantastic and they said there is more to come. Sitting higher up allows you to see more of the stage and the special effects. Sitting on the floor near the right side of the stage is a bit frustrating because a camera on a boom was often in the way. Definitely go see the show if you get a chance

So much talent!

Sabrina from Orlando, Florida
5th June 2019

Go to this show! Pentatonix continues to blow me away!!

fantastic show!

Anonymous from Orlando, Florida
5th June 2019

i love pentatonix and they put on an incredible show like always! they’re so pure and have genuine talent. i enjoyed it a lot!!!!!

Mixed Review!

BD from Hershey, Pennsylvania
21st December 2022

Love the PTX. ! Kristen M was in Quarantine last night but was a master star having to sing in isolation. Major Kudos for making that work! Song choices were wonderful. Kevin absolutely STOLE THE SHOW in his featured solo portion. I would happily pay to see him perform solo! Such talent! That said, in the group performance, the base was too strong. My body was literally vibrating and not in a good way... gotta rethink the sound mixing for future shows, please. Beautiful set design, but bright lights shining in the audience throughout the songs was uncomfortable and annoying. Really didn't love Hershey Giant Center. Seats up top in 204 were horribly torturous. Absolutely no leg room and I'm only 4, ft 10. Please try to book American Music Theater in Lancaster for future. That venue is much more deserving of your star quality, and is much more enjoyable for your fans. Happy to hear Boy Nmd Tom. They were great opening act for you !

Short and sweet

April Roy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
16th December 2022

Opening band was awesome “ Girl named Tom” they started playing at 8:09 for about 30 mins , then we waited and waited for Penatonox to start playing, 45 mins later they started and played for 30 mins. Wth?! Great talent but the length of the show was a disappointment.