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Customer Reviews for Romeo Santos

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The king Romeo Santos

Anonymous from San Antonio, Texas
30th March 2018

Concert was great cant wait to see him again

This is the second performance I have gone to

Jillian Rivera from Los Angeles, California
5th June 2023

First of all he is a amazing singer love his music but as a performer not so great yes it’s three hours of performance but the first two hours is a DJ on stage playing music that’s not his then his performance is about a hour and he really his voice doesn’t sound so good anymore with time .

The most disappointing concert i've been to

Crystal Ortega Patrick Brady from RICHMOND VIRGINIA
9th November 2023

The show was supposed to start at 8 pm Didn't start till 9:15 pm . Had a DJ playing music to kill time. In my opinion the music wasn't even that good did he play. Romeo only performed for an hour and fifteen minutes, His stage was boring. The 2 screens were not good enough. I was expecting a lot more from him. Should have just saved my money to go to the bad bunny concert First and last romeo concert I go to. Capital one arena DC


Marianna Szabo from Tampa Florida
16th November 2023

I love his music and videos and went to his 2023 Tampa concert with my family. First, there was a DJ to fill more than an hour before the concert. I thought it was strange, I expected something different, maybe some live performance complimenting the King of Bachata. This DJ was more about making “noise “, and screaming nonsense more than playing good music. The acoustics were horrible during the entire concert. When Romeo finally started - due to combination of bad acoustics and remixes of his songs - his performance wasn’t really enjoyable either. After all it was an experience not to be repeated.

Great music handled poorly

Cristina Soto from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
17th November 2023

I love Romeo Santos's music. Myself, my mom and a friend were excitedly waiting in anticipation for him to get on stage....waiting...waiting...waiting that is for AN HOUR and twenty minutes! I get that a DJ can do his mix and bring the energy for 20, maybe 30 minutes, but for over an hour, that's just too much and frankly, a bit disrespectful. Of course when Romeo FINALLY got on stage everyone, myself included got all giddy and excited. However, shortly after he began signing, you notice the unfortunate POOR SOUND QUALITY. This bothered me even more than the hour delay. Such a shame that a performer of his rank, the usage of a modern venue, (not to mention high ticket prices) couldn't provide a high quality performance and clear sound. It needs to be less bassy and loud. How unfortunate Romeos voice would get lost in the crowd half the time due to excessive loudness of the music itself, and poor sound quality. I think next time the venue will be my home, and Alexa will play the hits.

His voice drowns in the crowd

Latino concert reviewer from Tampa, Florida
13th October 2018

The concert was one hour ten minutes behind schedule. His promoter probably did this as a way to kill a pre-show that was never offered. With so many bachata bands and singers and the concert could not fill the first hour? This was pretty weak. He definitely was lip singing on several occasions. This was most noticeable when he tried to transition the microphone from the crowd back to his mouth. His voice was drowned by the crowd. The fans really need to allow the singer to sing and this really never happened during the entire concert. The background scenes was really weak. With so many videos under his belt and yet not many was used. He used the fans as a scapegoat to waste concert time. This is so true when he kept grabbing phones after phones to conduct selfies as a way to kill time. On a good note, some fans left with selfies that are now part of the social media. By the way, The two large screens did not offer a good view. Too much equipment blocking the view.