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Customer Reviews for Snarky Puppy

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Amazingly amazing

Ben from Seattle, Washington
1st November 2023

simply the best concert I have ever attended. The opener, house of waters, was extremely cool, though the volume was a little much, and is now one of my favorite bands. When Snarky puppy finally took the stage and the lights dimmed and as the crowd silenced, hearing the opening to keep it on your mind was absolutely breathtaking. I have listened to every song they played many times over, and absolutely love the recordings, but the live versions blew me away. After the set was over, they came back for an encore, where they played Shofukan, and somehow an already legendarily good song got better. the trumpet solo was impeccable, and the crowd participation was very cool. the best part... they resolved the final chord. The only less than ideal part was the venue, as the seats were incredibly pact, and y knees were pressed against the seats in front of me, but that was quickly forgotten when they started playing.

Should have been better

Jes from Vancouver, British Columbia
14th September 2023

Great band, but seemed a little tired yesterday evening. And the sound was WAY too loud. They're a band that can play with subtlety on record, not in this live showing. Started an hour and a half late and by the end of the show those standing - about half the audience, were out on their feet.

Bass Too Loud - Lost all Contrast, Dimension and Dynamic of the Music

Michael from Boston, Massachusetts
9th April 2023

Snarky Puppy is by far my favorite contemporary band, The Roadrunner may have bad acoustics. However, they need to spend sufficient time with some sound engineers to mix the sound and volumes to accommodate the venue. The sound of the bass guitar overwhelmed the band across almost the entire set, including his performance with the C-4 Trio. I still have high hopes for the next performance in Boston.

Snarky Puppy at Palace Theater, St Paul. March 29 2023

Dave from Saint Paul, Minnesota
31st March 2023

We know this band is great, but for most of the pieces the volume was impossibly loud, drowning out the quality, and leaving us with ringing ears into the next day. When the volume dropped for a few tunes, it became truly enjoyable. This was our first visit to the Palace, and on our walk home, a couple told us that they always bring earplugs because every concert there is too loud. Wish we'd have thought of that, but we just didn't expect that out of Snarky Puppy. There were also painfully bright lights aimed at the audience which caused us to shield our eyes. Why?

Too loud. The lights hurt.

JG from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
25th May 2019

The opening band was at a comfortable volume playing very interesting music with dynamics. Snarky Puppy got so loud, especially the bass player that I had to put in ear plugs. The constantly blinking bright lights aimed at the audience caused my eyes to hurt even the entire next day. I shouldn't have to wear sunglasses and ear protection to go to a concert. However the solos were way better and longer than on the CDs, especially the drummer, saxophonist and trumpeter. Fine improvising. It's a much better experience to listen to their CDs at home than going to a concert. The CDs have proper instrument balance at a controllable volume. Buy the CD instead of going to a concert. It's better for your health.