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St. Vincent in Dallas (The Bomb Factory)

Paul Bretschneider from Dallas, Texas
25th February 2018

St. Vincent put on a terrific show in her hometown last night at The Bomb Factory. The sellout crowd was alive and into the music and Annie was at the top of her game. She adhered to the same setlist she's been using all tour, but infused each and every song with energy and electricity. It was obvious she enjoyed performing in front of family and friends in Dallas. And the lack of a backing band/backing tracks did not hinder the show ...for me, at least. And it didn't look as though it bothered anyone else. If anyone left early it couldn't have been many, because the place was packed from the start of the show all the way to the end.

Annie Clark!!!

Me from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
18th November 2017

Freaking awesome show!!! But, where's the band? And, why'd everybody leave right away??? No encore?? WTF??? Great show anyway, thanks!!!

st vincent is amazing

D Preston from bordentown, nj
20th November 2017

saw her on previous tour at WXPN fest. highly recommended.

Where was the showmanship?

Cathryn Blackwell from Boston, Massachusetts
16th October 2021

This show had an opening act, a comedian (why?) who had an alienating act, due simply to the degree of vulgarity. I’ve NO clue why she was their, but honestly I think she put many in a poor mood. Such that I think all in the audience were EXCEPTIONALLY eager for St.Vincent’s arrival. This was bore out by the resounding applause she revived as she came on stage. Oh,…Wait,…we’re being tricked. It’s a stand in. We endured that comedian and now you’re tricking me?!? Delightful. And then, honestly, the performance felt really lazy. Thank heavens for her back up singers whose silhouettes carried things visually; because where were the costume changes? Green leisure suit? Shaggy boa? When I saw the revolving stage, I thought…”encore is sooooo gonna be Melting of the Sun and that thing turning around with Annie seated just like she was on SNL, and that’s when she’ll tell everyone to sit the $@#%+ down, and we’d all bliss out on her amazing song style. But it wasn’t that way. ✌️🙏🏼

Backing Tracks Stole The Heart Of The Show

Ken from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
30th November 2017

I love St. Vincent and really love Masseduction, but the show at the Electric Factory left me cold. Opening with The Birthday Party was a good move - it gave the concert an epic feel - and the first set of songs were creative rearrangements of her back catalog, performed in front of an ever-changing stage. The final set, however, was just all of the tracks from Masseduction, performed in album order, using what must have been the instrumental mixes of the studio masters. As a result, the backing tracks had the same feel as the pre-show music blasted before most concerts - flat and not designed to be front-and-center. St. Vincent is an extremely dynamic and arresting performer, but it was impossible to escape the karaoke feel. This was particularly true during the questionable inclusion of the album's only instrumental track "Dancing With A Ghost" during which literally nothing happened, visually or otherwise. Next time she tours, I hope she brings a band along.


Matt from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
29th November 2017

I was looking forward to this show. But Annie played and sang over recorded music, no band. She basically stood at a mic all night, and had no stage presence (her only audience banter was she said “what’s up Philly?” 3x). The only thing she offered in addition to her at a mic we’re some pre-recorded videos on the screen behind her. It was basically amped up karaoke.