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Finished Oct 1, 2023

Rose Bowl

Don't miss Coldplay on a carbon-neutral world tour!


Finished Oct 1, 2023

Rose Bowl

Don't miss Coldplay on a carbon-neutral world tour!

Why see Coldplay?

a new massive world tour!

Coldplay are back on the road, extending their massive Music of the Spheres world tour! Surfacing in 2000 with the breakthrough single "Yellow," Coldplay quickly became one of the biggest British bands of the new millennium, honing a mix of introspective Brit-pop and anthemic rock that landed the British quartet a near-permanent residence on record charts worldwide.

From Parachutes to music of the spheres

The group's emergence was perfectly timed; Radiohead had just released the overly cerebral "Kid A", while Oasis had ditched two founding members and embraced psychedelic experimentation on "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants". UK audiences were hungry for a fresh-faced rock band with big aspirations and an even bigger sound, and Coldplay were more than happy to take the reins. "Parachutes" went multi-platinum in several countries and earned the band its first Grammy, but Coldplay continued to grow into the 00s, topping their debut album's success with higher record sales and an increased public profile.

Coldplay have gone on to become one of the world's most enduringly popular bands, selling over 70 million records worldwide. The four-piece released their ninth studio album, "Music of the Spheres", in 2021, including the hit single, 'Higher Power'.

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Finished Oct 1, 2023


Customer reviews

7 reviews, average rating: (4.6 Stars)


Great show distorted audio

The review on Coldplay. The band sounded great world class choreography but as an engineer and audio entrepreneur I was very disappointed. The distortion either because of volume or the audio was over driven into the mixer from the mixer I don't know but for a band who millions of dollars worth of tickets for it's tour it's a shameful failure for the sound crew they should have go on into the Stands and listen to the product before they disappointed everybody. it's was such a wonderful show. COLDPLAY please take note love you guys. ... Read more


It's the Disney World of Concerts

It's almost impossible to experience Coldplay live and not find yourself almost overwhelmed with joy. Like if we could bottle that feeling and just give it to everyone in the world. The spectacle itself is on another level. The whole light show with the crowd is amazing. I have seen them in concert 5 times and each time they find a way to increase the spectacle itself. If you are not a fan before you enter, that will change rather quickly. The only thing more impressive than the lights and fireworks, is Christopher Martins cardio. That dude has the energy of a two year old with an espresso IV. To hear thousands and thousands of people sing together as if we are old friends, the event has the effect of turning the strangers beside you into a least play cousins. My seats where higher than we have had in the past, but the it began to rain, I was kinda glad to be in that space. It was my 4 year olds first and my 8 year olds second show. They are still excited about it. ... Read more


Too loud

Concert PAs were way too loud and left our ears ringing ... Read more


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