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The Rolling Stones at SoFi Stadium

Why see The Rolling Stones?

Hackney Diamonds 2024 Tour!

The rock legends, The Rolling Stones, are back with a brand new tour in support of the new album 'Hackney Diamonds'! Emerging in the 1960s as the bad boys of rock 'n' roll, the Stones were the down and dirty counterpart to The Beatles' clean-cut image. Always courting controversy with their subject matter and their offstage antics, The Stones nevertheless produced some of the most indelible tracks of the decade, channeling their love of American blues into songs like '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,' 'Jumpin' Jack Flash,' and 'Ruby Tuesday.'

It's only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)

A synthesis of great music, musicianship and the iconic swagger of Mr. Jagger, seeing these living legends live is a breathtaking experience and one you won't forget for a long time!

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Jul 10 - 13


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Bobby Rabbit

Still Got It

Down to 3 members, the Stones showed they are still one of the greatest performing rock bands ever. Keith and Ronnie were on - or as the late Tom Petty used to say, "get me a glass of water, those guitarist were on fire!" I went to the show as more of a nod to the legacy the Stones and Charlie and came away - 3 hours later with a huge smile on my face. Fantastic show! ... Read more

Shannon Marie - Layla Promotions

You Get What You Need

Being a Stones fan is a lot like participating in a rock-and-roll game of chicken:. It’s the elderly rock band versus their middle-aged fans, each group hanging on as hard and long as they can, and nobody wanting to quit on each other first. Sadly, no-drama Charlie, ironically the most steady of the Rollers, did go down, leaving his team one man short. The happy/sad slide-show homage at the beginning of Thursday night’s show made it clear that, while others might be able to drum out the song catalog sufficiently, nobody will ever replace the Watt-man. There was no doubt that the remaining team struggled physically, vocally, and musically throughout the show. The close-up screens showed Mick barely hobbling across the stage for the first few songs. Keith’s weathered face betrayed his own irritation at his voice as he painfully croaked his way through Connection. Ronnie wore a game smile throughout, but you could tell that he knew that he couldn’t play like he used to. Mick ribbed him about wearing Spanx, and either they were for vascular support or to hold in a gut –neither a hallmark of a rock star. Nevertheless, the Stones played on with the songs you’d expect to hear - Let’s Spend the Night Together, Streetfighter Man, Tumbling Dice, Shattered, etc., and they were passable, though not great. The additions to the team, most notably hometown keyboard hero Chuck Leavell playing the musicbox on She’s a Rainbow, the sax duo of Karl Denson and Tim Ries screaming Miss You, and singer Sasha Allen’s hurricane-like howls on Gimme Shelter brought the pitch of the show up a key. They stayed in their lanes as support people, which I appreciated. As good as they were, we weren’t there to see them. We were there to see the Stones, and, fortunately, things warmed up as the night went on. Mick became more limber - skipping across the stage, shimmying out onto the catwalk, moving his hands around like a hypnotist, and contorting his body in the way of someone completely and genuinely into the music. He spun like a ballerina in hell during Sympathy for the Devil. He engaged the audience with a stern, school-teacher-like face waiting for our response in Miss You, and it was easy to imagine him was calling us out for not singing the chorus loudly enough, “Whatsa matter wit chu, boy????” He is still the magnet that engages the audience and pulls them into the musical magic that make their live performances so much fun. Keith finally came alive during Jumping Jack Flash, and, as he and Ronnie played off of each other, you could almost see their younger rockstar selves. These three songs and an extended version Midnight Rambler, going into Love in Vain and back again, were show highlights for me, in that there seemed little physical boundary between audience, performers, and music. It reminded me that the Stones themselves are about defying boundaries. At one point, Mick took a break to catch his breath and talked about going to both a local strip club and the High Museum of Art. It was kind of like the band in a nutshell – at once profane and profound, they and their music mirroring the whole gamut of human behavior and defying any boxes you’d like to put them in: After all, these are the same folks who brought us Cocksucker Blues while also singing us a Wild Horses lullaby. And that’s the spirit of the Rolling Stones: Defy convention. Live on your own terms and do what you want to do no matter your age or any other artificially constructed social or cultural boundaries. Maybe that’s the meaning of the tongue logo. It might just as well have been someone thumbing their nose. It can’t be easy for septuagenarians to put forth the physical show and to put out the emotional energy that they do, and at this point, they don’t need the money or fame; they are doing it for us. The audience felt the love of these midnight ramblers and gave it back ten-fold. It’s too bad that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium sound engineers couldn’t seem to put out their best the way the rest of us were. The Rolling Stones deserved better, and so did their fans. But while we don’t always get what we want – clarity, perfection, eternal youth - we get what we need. And, what we needed was each other – imperfect performers who tried their best to put on a good show and a forgiving crowd who loved them despite a few short-comings. And as the lights go dim, we need each other more than ever: Gimme Shelter before we all fade away. It was an appropriate penultimate song to the evening. What the Rolling Stones, their Thursday night show, and maybe the big “Show”, too, are all about is to just keep pushing -boundaries, convention, the sands of time, to not go gently into that good night, but to fight all the way; to keep giving each other the best we’ve got, as long as we can, even if it’s not quite what it used to be. I got a reminder of that Thursday night, and I think everyone else did, too. ... Read more

William Murphy

Rolling Stones Gillette

The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band EVER! The show at Gillette was a reaffirmation of this fact. 2 hour 15 minutes of the greatest rock songs ever. ... Read more


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