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Harkening back to an era where Country music was more about punch-in-the-guts emotions and authentic performances than auto-tune and fist-pumping party anthems, The Dead South are often described as outlaws for their fearless return to a simpler time, blending bluegrass and folk with the energy of a DIY punk band. As compelling on stage as they are on record, the rock-stomping Canadian quintet hits the road!

Exploring themes of love, life, death and all the cheating, drinking and boozing in between, The Dead South are sure to continue pulling no punches in their latest offering. As with their previous release 'Illusion and Doubt' expect guitars, cello, banjo, mandolin and soaring vocal harmonies to collide, translating to a wild live fusion of acoustic and electric that elicits much whooping and hollering from both performers on stage and their audience! It's nigh impossible not to tap your feet to the band's uptempo, uplifting songs, let alone sing along at the top of your lungs - wear comfortable shoes because revelrous dancing is part and parcel at a Dead South gig.

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Aug 16


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Ken & AnneLouise

Amazing. Embodiment of live music!

The Dead South were incredible at the Ryman in Nashville! My wife absolutely adores them and they did not disappoint. Live music rules! The worst part was sitting directly behind a wrinkled headed, close talking, slack-jawed golf hat wearing moron who, disrespected every person in the whole auditorium by standing up the entire time and clapped, out of sync, to songs he obviously didn’t know. Yes…we were sitting directly behind “that guy”. All of section 5 were yelling, “Sit down!” He (dullard), and his obviously mentally challenged five-headed date, were rude AF, hollering, “You should’ve gotten better seats, Mother F***ers!” Then Karma happened. Their bougie sunglasses somehow got lost and crushed underfoot by the people sitting behind them (oopsies!) I can’t tell you who did it but, in all sincerity, I cannot tell you that I didn’t do it either. We loved The Dead South, we enjoyed mentally castrating a D.B. and we’re thankful for the support of the good friends we made in Section 5. ... Read more

Ken Thomas

July 8th at Ryman

Ignore the negatives and just Go! One of the very best concerts I have ever seen (and that includes SRV 24 hours before he died!) I love the review that claims the bass and drums were too lous. Ummm, they have neither. Perhaps stick to concerts you have ACTUALLY been to. ... Read more

Jo Brown.

Sold out great

Dead South were fabulous, but it could be a little longer. The spot light on the left was too much. We can't remember the name of the support band, they were good too. Can anyone give us the name of the band? ... Read more

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