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Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve at Toyota Arena

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve

The TSO are back with The Ghosts of Christmas Eve: The Best of TSO and More

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve

The TSO are back with The Ghosts of Christmas Eve: The Best of TSO and More

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Why see Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve?

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve: The Best of TSO and More!

The Tran-Siberian Orchestra hit the road again in 2023 with the return of their beloved classic production, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve! Join them as they celebrate over two decades as the top purveyors of Christmas spectacle! Including Ghosts of Christmas Eve alongside some of their all-time greatest hits - discover what keeps audiences returning year after year!

Who are TSO?

The rock band's concerts are arguably the most visually dazzling live event you're ever likely to see, featuring giant video screens, a pyrotechnics display that rivals many cities' New Year's celebrations, and more lasers than Star Wars. Composed of four original members, the group's touring lineup's ranks are swelled with entire string sections, and dozens of extra musicians and choirs.

As for the music, TSO takes the likes of Pink Floyd and Yes as their inspiration, adding in elements of classical music, heavy metal, and just about anything else that takes their fancy. You won't find many other bands switching from a lacerating guitar solo to the heavenly voices of a children's choir without a moment's notice. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve Tour is named after the band's 1999 holiday-themed\rock opera TV movie which they'll be playing live!

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Suitable for ages 8+


Dec 2


Customer reviews

45 reviews, average rating: (2.5 Stars)

Paul Ricciarini

Making An Impact

This was my first time seeing TSO live and I was completely blown away by The power, consistency And versatility of their presentation. They are way more musically gifted than I could've imagined with impeccable-no mistake timing of their powerful, energetic, passionate style never missing a note! The vocal versatility and quality hits at every inner emotion that we all carry and it's so enjoyable to feel this once again. The Tech Show is tantalizing and lends to the Energy as well. If you don't leave their show feeling way better than when you first entered, then y'all need to go back to Art's 101 and start all over. They are an Artistic Treasure and especially in these times I highly recommend everyone to go watch their performance whenever available. A special hand to Asha. ... Read more

Karah Christian

It was absolutely amazing!!!!

The best concert I’ve EVER been to. It’s like being at an 70s/80s rock concert but with Christmas songs! The drums and electric guitars were so thrilling. Old City Bar sounded soooo damn good!!! Like 1000x better than the song they recorded! It was magical! It was full of soul! My ONLY negative opinion is when the Christmas songs ended and they started some demonic looking performance, with flames on all of the screens, flames shooting out of cannons, a woman doing weird sexual movements in the flames in a nightgown on the video… It was so random and I didn’t understand what that had to do with Christmas stories. If they would have said, “we’re now gonna play some of our other popular songs aside from the Christmas ones” that would have been better. “Ohh okay. Got it.” But with children there for a Christmas performance, it was like “okay what is this… a little sexual and weird.” The rest was an amazing Christmas story! Would see again! The whole place was rocking! ... Read more


Good, but, a little off this year

Great show, as usual. This was my 6th time seeing them and I brought alot of people to see them for the 1st time. I should of brought those people last year, instead! They had lots of mechanical issues this year(the stage where the drum set sits was supposed to hover down and during "Winter's Palace", 3 of the members were supposed to come down from the ceiling). They also had a couple other things that I noticed. I also thought it was strange that they played a Savatage song besides "Christmas Eve 12-24", this year. It just felt out of place. They also skipped one of my favorites like "The Mountain". Other than that, it still was really good! I just wish they brought their A game this year when I brought other people. I am still a fan, though ... Read more

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