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Van Morrison Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 41



5.0 star rating Ann B. from Boston, Massachusetts


Last night’s show at the BHB Pavilion in Boston was fantastic! I have seen Van over the years play at the Wang, the Opera House and on many occasions. I thought that his energy was on point- it looked like he was enjoying himself, which after playing night after night, must be difficult and exhausting! Normally his quiet sitting audience is hushed and timid but everyone was dancing, laughing and generally having a great time and enjoying the music in a non disruptive way. His band was commanded by the great band leader, sounded great and also looked to be enjoying themselves. The variety of albums he touched upon allowed for something for everyone. Overall loved it! Will always see him when he rolls into town!!!!

5.0 star rating Cheryl Henry from Boston, Massachusetts


Always wanted to see Van Morrison, love his music and lyrics. What an amazing performance. His presence, talent, control... an evening I will never forget! Thank you Mr. Morrison for being so pure and a gift to all of us.

5.0 star rating Julie West from Boston, Massachusetts


So pleased and happy with this concert! He played songs he hasn't played in years Brown Eyed Girl, Gloria, Wild Nights! He was in great voice and his band was phenomenal! He even let the audience sing back to him! Lol! Loved that he did Moondance and In the Garden! Lots of jazz and blues standards too! And the Broken Record song!! Loved it! The crowd was great! Met up with so many kindred spirits, all of us gushing with happiness over the playlist! Worth every penny I spent! Thanks Van and company!

5.0 star rating Rich from San Francisco, California


Great show at Masonic. He was energized, voice best in years. Upbeat concert with incredible band. If anyone knows who the Keyboard-horn player was post. Multi talented. Van played Sax, harmonica, and piano Best VM show in years

5.0 star rating Janet from Berkeley, California


Wow! Van Morrison still has the voice - not all entertainers do at his age. He packed in the songs, with no gaps in between. No chit chat with the audience, but that's fine. It was all about the music. I liked hearing his interpretation of some American jazz/early pop classics. Wish he had done an Irish tune, but all in all, a great great show.

5.0 star rating Bill m from San Francisco, California


great show last night right place to see van.the sound was awesome. the band wastight.a few updated takes on old favorite s. new material also good. it seemed van was enjoying himself leading the band.and getting exactly the sound he wanted. 90 plus minutes of non stopback to back encore of his most loved updated version of a classic. a must see show. shana morrison opened the show and is every bit as talented as her dad. with a heavenly voice

5.0 star rating Ed Crump from Chicago, Illinois


Show was great, band was awesome, they went thur many songs, most were new, with a jazz twist. I've been waiting to see him for years and finally got the chance. Well worth the ticket price. Could watch same show again.

5.0 star rating Dutch from Chicago, Illinois


Great new music played by talented musicians. Thoroughly impressed his voice has held up so well.

5.0 star rating John from Chicago, Illinois


van was engaged and did not cheat his audience. good mix of old and new. i also have my favorites and i have never been to any concert for anybody with the volume of van morrison and get to hear everything on my favorites list. but his selection was fine and i thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert. and what a unique voice. he stands at the top of the list for true greatness

5.0 star rating Dennis from Chicago, Illinois


He was Great. If you wanted to hear his hits and favorites, stay home and play your cds. His voice is still exceptionally strong and amazing for a fellow of 45 or 50, but at 70+ it was incredible. The show was not just Van, but the orchestra he put together for the performance was tops. He played the songs the way he felt about them today, and we loved it.

5.0 star rating Scott Kennedy from Las Vegas, Nevada


Seen Van My first time at Caesar Las Vegas His voice was amazing and the band was too! So so glad I bought the tickets !!Can’t wait to see him again

5.0 star rating Bea from Denver, Colorado


Being in the presence of Van Morrison was magical. He keeps the music fresh - even with his standards. He and his band Are seamless, it’s a thing of beauty to watch then perform together. He gives his band their due, while being the maestro of his music. A satisfying evening - his performance was like listening to a jam and a well- constructed concert. Beautiful evening

5.0 star rating Joel Holzman from Erie, Colorado


I have been to several shows at the Fiddler's Green Ampitheater over the years. This was one of the best performances I've attended. It seemed the sound was well tuned and the band with Van had a great night. His classic sound was a bit jazzed up and several of his greatest hits had a slight twist just to keep it interesting. well done. Unfortunately I cannot say any thing about Taj Mahal, as we were still standing in line waiting to get into the venue! Arriving 45 minutes early seemed reasonable to be inside to at least see Taj on stage. Not True! By the time we waited in line for nearly TWO HOURS Taj had finished and we were lucky to find a spot just in time to see Van and the band come up on stage. Great show! Thank you Van Morrison and all the band Super performance! Its may be a while, if ever that I return to Fiddlers. Very disappointed about the mess and disaster trying to get in.

5.0 star rating Meaghen Hogg from Mountain View, California


The four of us enjoyed Van Morrison's concert at the Greek Theatre (built in 1903) on the Berkeley campus. He and his band put on a consummate professional performance, and I enjoyed hearing some of his new songs, composed during lockdown. They are very jazz influenced, more short and clipped sounding, not the long lyric pieces of before; however, they are musically advanced, and his same personality is evident in the pithy lyrics and the tart commentary on modern state politics. I loved, especially, Ancient Highway. He gets better with age, and his voice is still true. He is a fine flawless musician, playing the harmonica and saxophone. The crowd was a beautiful group of people, loving and loyal to Van. There were young people also, and there were people my age, who've been Van fans since they were 5 yrs, and remember the wonder of the early '70's music and the times. This one is some years old, really now. He did one encore, an even older song, Into the Mystic, then we could see from where we were sitting, high up in the theatre, on the far left, his car waiting to take him away. He was bustled into the car, then waited to hear the love and appreciation of the crowd for a few minutes, before driving away.

5.0 star rating Christine from Los Angeles, California


Van Morrison brought the house down at the Hollywood Bowl, California. The band was in top notch form. Played his new music and some old classics in Jazzy form. It was a great night Into the Mystic. He didn't disappoint after all these years. What a voice! What a talent, he blew his sax, played his harp. JUST GREAT

5.0 star rating Char from San Francisco, California


So happy to see VM at the Greek Theater Thursday night. He did not disappoint!

5.0 star rating Ian Church from Mountain View, California


Thus one understands how important Van the Man is in rock music. Going to a concert by him is like getting to a Stones or Beatles or John Lee Hooker concert. It's as good as it can possibly get.

4.0 star rating Rick M. from Colo springs, Co from Las Vegas, Nevada


We flew to Vegas to see one of our all time idols, and much to our delight, Van Morrison proved he is still the man. Van played for about an hour and a half. His venue mixed with Jazz and a sprinkling of old favorites. Anyone worried that at Van's age he may be losing his voice can be rest assured that he still sounds smooth as butter, at least to this old fan's ears. The only reason I give four stars is because I just wish it would have gone on longer. When he left the stage his band continue to play for awhile. We thought he would come back for an encore, but he never did. He left us wanting more... Maybe this was all part of his plan. Great show overall.

3.0 star rating Toni Shannon from San Francisco, California


Saw Van in Virginia last night. I've always loved his music, and that's still dynamite! We were in 20th row, and could see nothing due to poor stage set up. Everything/Everybody bunched in a ball in the middle of the huge stage when they could have been spread out so we could see these people. I searched today to try to find out who his 2018 tour band members are, and there is no recognition of them that I can find. Disappointing because the only one I could really see, was the female on percussions who was amazing. ALL of them were amazing, but who are they? All of them hidden in a tight group behind big speakers which blocked the view while totally unnecessary. 2/3 of the stage was empty! Morrison never acknowledged his band, nor the audience. No encore. He just split before the last song which his incognito band completed. It was weird. The music was fantastic, but make sure you have extreme front center seats or you won't be able to see much. Super poor set-up design.

3.0 star rating PJM from Boston, Massachusetts


Band was great, Vocals should have been more prominent in the mix, overall volume should have been louder (and I never say that) thought it was a muted. The Pavilion needs to get some K-2s and Mr. Morrison should look for a new FOH engineer. Also the camera director had trouble figuring out who was playing the solos, which also should have been featured more prominently. Was really looking forward to the show, left unfulfilled. Sorry Van.

3.0 star rating Ed Lindquist from Soldotna, AK


Average rating. Music a 5, presentation 0. I"d been told he doesn't care what his audience thinks or wants to hear, but down from AK I came for the Tues. night show. His daughter opened and was wonderful. She even gave accolades to the bass player, which was more than Van did. Yup, no chit chat, he just pumped out one song after another without any time to savor each one in between. He didn't even introduce the band. I felt sorry for the band members, but they must be paid well. Put down the guitar and hurry up to pick up another for the next song. Put down the trumpet and hurry over to the keyboard for the next tune. Let's see how fast we can get this over with, is what I thought. Maybe jet lag from being in Europe? No encore, Tues. He was actually booed at the end. The venue has great acoustics, and the staff were all pleasant. I had a mid balcony seat and had plenty of room. I would never pay to see a show of his, again, even if the songs were great.

3.0 star rating DS from Chicago, Illinois


A highly anticipated concert we paid $$$ to see. Love his music, his style, his decades-long dedication to artistry, but still disappointed by Wednesday's show. I'd heard Van can be less than engaging in live performance. That turned out to be the case. A string of jazzy tunes and subdued versions of too few hits didn't reach the audience. He clearly wanted to deliver a clubby, comfortable set, but Van Morrison's appeal comes from his rousing soulful hits. Sorry, Van, you gotta give the folks what they came for.

3.0 star rating Tracey from Las Vegas, Nevada


Looked forward to hearing some hit tunes but sadly only 2 and have I told you lately was not original! Came a long way with expectations that sadly didn’t measure up. No encore. No engagement from Van for his audience.

3.0 star rating JohnMike from Las Vegas, Nevada


Caesar’s did an awful job of managing ticket-holder entry into the venue. We were there at 7:30pm and did not get thru the gates until 8:15pm, and Van started playing right at 8pm. Terrible event management. There were hundreds of people in the same boat. Van was great, but for the price of the ticket, he played 1 hour and 23 minutes. Some a*hole was in our seats, had to get them really saw about 55 minutes of the concert. I’ve seen Van a coupe of times. He is my favorite singer, but this performance and evening was sub-par at best.

3.0 star rating Meredith from Denver, Colorado


I’m 45 and Van has been my favorite musician since I was in high school. I spent $800 and gave up parenting time w my son on a night I had him so that I could finally see Van Morrison in concert which has been a dream of mine for years. His energy was so low, zero connection w the audience, and then he absolutely butchered his own music on several songs be having completely rewritten the rhythm to make them jazzy in a very choppy manner, Including my all time favorite “into the mystic” which took me a full minute to even recognize as being that song. On a positive note, he was dressed dapper and did a nice job playing the sax and harmonica. However, his band stole the show at the end when Van left the stage and put on the best performance of the night.

3.0 star rating Karen HERRERA from Los Angeles, California


Was so excited to see him. Overall, he sounds great. Unfortunatrly, he played none of his hits in the one hit that he played, Moondance didn’t even sound like the song. The band appeared to wake up at the end of the evening which was a shame for they were excellent. Also sad that he never acknowledged his band but they had to repeatedly say his name.

3.0 star rating Danny Archambault from Los Angeles, California


He sounded good but had no dialogue with fans; just sang. He changed the tempi on some songs and changed the familiar sound the fans were looking for. His hype man (pianist) kept saying Van Morrison and I think Van was waiting for the roars from the audience to beg him to come out. Apparently the cheers were not loud enough and he did not return but left his band awkwardly playing. The crowd was let down as he failed to sing a couple very popular songs. Time to hang it up.....

3.0 star rating JImi Mac from Santa Barbara, California


Went to Santa Barbara Bowl Oct 3, 2021. Van Morrison still has the great voice and energy to captivate his followers. I went expecting to hear the classics I’ve cherished for 40 years- Into the Mystic, Brown Eyed Girl, Moondance etc. but instead, most of the evening featured songs that I was hearing for the first time. He did sing some of the classics but the arrangements were different. The last 10-15 minutes was dedicated to the good old stuff including Gloria, which brought everyone to their feet cheering and singing along. We left the bowl energized with the good old stuff but wishing there were more of the Van Morrison we grew up on.

3.0 star rating Midwest girl from Los Angeles, California


Six of us flew to La from the Midwest to see Van Morrison. This has been a bucket list concert for years. His voice is still strong but the first few songs were boring and he didn’t sing Have I told you lately, Brown eyed girl and Moondance… we regretted making the effort and spending megabucks. . Come on Van, you may be sick of these songs but we love them!

2.0 star rating Joe D. from Chicago, Illinois


Waited my whole life to see Van Morrison. His band was fantastic. Had heard that he was indifferent to his audience, but last night he seemed engaged and into his music. Unfortunately his voice is 73 years old and it shows. Had I not known the lyrics to all of his music it would have been unintelligible. Tickets were expensive and quite frankly I was disappointed.

2.0 star rating Former Fan from San Francisco, California


O.K., I get that musicians maybe get tired of playing old songs, but really? Only old familiar songs were Brown Eyed Girl and Gloria...and those were his encore songs. First part was lots of swing/scat, which after three songs, all sounded the same. He did do jazzy, upbeat rendition of Moondance and Have I told you lately That I love you. This concert was more that 50% of listening to extremely long, drawn out instrumental solos by his band. After encore, his band was still playing, leading audience to believe he would return again. 18 minutes later--nope, lights went on and everyone looked at each other, saying WTF, that's it?? Have never, ever heard so much negativity from unhappy disappointed people at a concert ever. Save your money. He phoned it him the same favor.

2.0 star rating Robert from Los Angeles, California


Low volume, no interaction with the audience, short performance, no goodby, no brown eyed girl, left us all wondering what he has against his audience.

2.0 star rating Mary from Santa Barbara Bowl


It felt like I’ve waited all my life for this concert, I was so excited to be there and to finally have a dream come true. However, as the night progressed I realized it wasn’t going to be the concert I had dreamt of. He played some type of jazz music and hardly any hit songs and the hit songs he did play were unrecognizable versions. It wasn’t until the encore did we hear a few songs that sounded familiar. I was so sad and disappointed. When he played my favorite song, “Have I told you lately that I love you”, I didn’t even recognize it. It was as if I paid a lot of money to go to a concert by someone I had never heard of. Van didn’t seem to care if you came to his concert to hear his popular songs, he was playing for himself. Santa Barbara Bowl is a great venue though and the night was beautiful!

1.0 star rating JJ from Dallas, Texas


First I must say - we were warned this was not going to be a good experience. Obviously I ignored the comment. We grew up listening to Van Morrison. We attended his concert with another couple. The concert was absolutely horrendous. We were on the 4th row so we had a bird’s eye view. His words were jumbled and the music was 99.9% scat. It was SO WEIRD. He played two of his hits. Just two. Van doesn’t acknowledge his audience. He acted like he could not wait to get off the stage. He does not acknowledge his band either. I felt bad for them but not as bad as I felt for us. It was the worst concert we have ever seen and we have seen over 150. I would not waste a dime to see this guy. Still shaking my head.

1.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


I havent been to Fiddlers in about 20 years and was completely disappointed by the lack of organization; we came to see Taj and completely missed his set! It felt like the venue sold more tickets than there was space. Waiting in a line so long causing half the audience to miss the first set is just wrong! I arrived at 5:30 for a 7 o’clock show, entering lawn seating with absolutely no room for us. The vibe felt like crashing a party we weren’t invited to. After some of the hardest times of my life, I was more than ready to dance and have my heart cradled by Taj Mahal’s musical gift. Hope I can see Taj soon.

1.0 star rating Susan W from Hollywood ca


What a disappointment- have grown up listening to his music and know most of the lyrics. The atmosphere was perfect to have a much anticipated wonderful night. Van comes on and his first song sang about how he wasn’t going to sing his old songs. Now I had read the reviews and reviewed his song list but I hoped he would come through with his songs that everyone came to hear. He sang excerpts of 3 songs!! Only 3!!! And he sang them so fast like he couldn’t wait to stop singing them. I have never been so disappointed at any concert and I have seen many. Don’t waste your money! Believe all the reviews- you will be disappointed!!

1.0 star rating Malinda Lim from Hollywood, Ca


What a waste of time the audience only politely responded. Why bother to play if your not listening to the fans who have supported you over the years. It will take me a long time if ever to listen to a Van Morrison song without thinking of the better songs I could of heard live.

1.0 star rating Matt from Los Angeles, California


Have always loved VM but Saturday at the Bowl was a huge disappointment. He has changed his style completely- sounded more like big band Jazz. Most of the set list was comprised of new stuff and it was hard to sit through as we hoped he would do something from the era that made him famous. Even when he did old hits like Into The Mystik, it was done in this new style so barely recognized the song. His voice is still good but as the evening progressed, he sang louder and louder until it felt like he was just yelling into his mic! This is rumored to be his last tour and based upon Saturday’s performance, one can only hope that is true!

1.0 star rating Dlk from Los Angeles, California


I have been going to concerts all over the place for 40 years. This is by far the worst I have ever seen. Who would have thought the sound at the Hollywood bowl could sound like an AM radio. It was horrendous. He had exactly zero energy and I thought literally he was going to fall asleep at any moment. Thankfully I paid only $30 for for the seat which in hindsight was too much. This guy obviously hates his audience hates his fans because he could care less what he sounded like what he looked like or what he's sang. It was truly pathetic

1.0 star rating Sue from Los Angeles, California


It never occurred to me to look for reviews for a concert before, but lesson learned. DO NOT spend your money on Van Morrison. When I heard his first song and listened to the lyrics, I knew it was going to end badly. He was stating that he didn’t want to sing the hits. Maybe he doesn’t own the masters, and doesn’t make money off them. He sang 2 hits with revised arrangements that took a minute to recognize them. He did NOT say hello or acknowledge the audience. And people are spending their hard earned money for a ticket. He behaved as if he was indifferent and could not wait to be gone. Left the stage at the end. No goodnight. Will not be buying the new album. No Thanks.

1.0 star rating Roberta from Colorado Springs, Colorado


Well, most people who love him would not have known it was him if they were not seeing him with their own eyes. Like so many other poor reviews stated...I was warned that he doesn't engage with the audience, he didn't play an encore even tho the band waited for almost 20 minutes. Didn't play but 2 of the songs that put him on the charts. I even know his NEW stuff, but ..This was the absolute most disappointed I have ever been at a concert. Hard to even listen to VM now :((


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