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Customer Reviews for Incubus

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What a great show

Caney Scott from Houston, Texas
21st August 2022

I was so excited for this show. Its been about 10 years since i had seen both bands. My boyfriend wasn't very excited about Incubus, but I assured him they would not dissapoint. And I just have to say that both bands were amazing. Sublime with Rome brought tears to my eyes. I had forgot how wonderful his voice is. And even though Brandon Boyd was injured, he still sounded amazing. The band sounded wonderful. Both bands were just incredible. Even my boyfriend, who can be kind of a annoying critique sometimes said they were awsome. So great job to both bands and I cant wait til they come back to the woodlands!!

Amazing show

Claudia G from Toronto from Toronto, Ontario
16th October 2019

Last night i enjoyed watching Incubus perform in Toronto. I thought Brandon and the rest of the band sounded great. i got to hear all of my favorite songs, like The warmth and Warning . I thought the acoustic version of pardon me was awesome. Such a classy, down to earth band with lots of talent. Great Show!

Terrible Sound Mix

Cgdc from West Palm Beach, Florida
25th July 2022

This is the first show of the tour. Mix on the vocals was horrible. By mid way of the show the mix got better for the band but vocals were off all night. Very dry. All top end and no fullness and balance to his voice. Didn’t sound normal. Other than that everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

A bit disappointed/SOUND WAS HORRIBLE

Julian from West Palm Beach, Florida
25th July 2022

So Incubus is my favorite band of all time. Grew up listening to them, studying their music and following their solo projects. Last night I was exited to watch them again live and with Sublime, that was going to be a great experience. Sublime was awesome, they sounded amazing and everything was on point with all the good songs you would expect of them to play, to dance and have a good time. The expectations for Incubus after listening to Sublime were huge, what can you expect, Brandon's amazing voice, Ben bass skills and licks, Mike's grungy and jazzy sounds, Jose's chops and fills on drums and Dj Kilmore esthetic sounds, what can go wrong? Well, actually a lot of things but mainly SOUND, the sound engineer might be a different one, everything sound so wrong. Is like they didn't know what they were doing. Very bright and high pitch mix all around, Brandon's voice I believe was hurting but you know that can happen, but SOUND in a rock concert, come on! Everything sounded out of place.


Angel from West Palm Beach, Florida
26th July 2022

We left during Incubus’ 4th song to beat traffic. Brandon sounded horrible. He looked sick or intoxicated. He tried to kick a beach ball & about face planted. This was my son’s 1st concert. He said he’d have rather stayed home instead of driving an hr, standing in line and risking catching Covid. Sublime was great! Aqua Girls sounded like karaoke. But overall, they were about on par with Incubus. I’ve never been so disappointed at a concert. I love Incubus. I was so excited to go to the show. I thought maybe this was a fluke..but reading some previous comments confirmed it wasn’t. I heard Brandon and Ben hosting on Lithium/Sirius XM the next day. The 1st time I heard an Incubus song after the concert I didn’t enjoy it as I have previously.

Incubus Aragon

Herb from Chicago, Illinois
19th October 2019

Good set list, sound was horrible drums were buried in the mix. The band was motionless, could have stayed home and listened to a live show with the same effect. No stage presence what so ever, looked and sounded like studio musicians.



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