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All is Right Into the Woods

Ken Alan from Los Angeles, California
17th July 2023

Like "Chicago", this show can lose its sets/scenery and still be a grand entertainment, for doing so brings the focus to the clever fusion of the stories, the performances, and Sondheim’s music, lyrics, and rhymes. ITW has always been somewhat lost between being a “Fractured Fairy Tales” or “How to Parent” guide for aspiring moms and dads. After all these years, this production gets it right. Color-blind casting allows cultural flourishes and broadens its appeal to new audiences. Every cast member is perfect. Milky White finally gets a star turn and elicits lots of laughs and audience sympathy. The puppetry more than makes up for any lack of sets…certainly right up there with War Horse or Lion King. It’s the director who is to blame for the irresistible and almost illegal amount of fun, laughs, humor, pratfalls, and characterizations that cast members deliver flawlessly. Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Jack’s mother who’s “There’s no time to sit and dither. While her withers wither with her” diction is nailed on the head. This is the most fun and laughs you may have ever have in a theater. I’ll probably go back for a third dose before July 30. Don’t miss your first. It’s THAT good.

Love me some Milky White!

Dee Jenkins from Los Angeles
8th May 2022

I had no doubt I would be mesmerized by this stellar cast but the big surprise is that I fell in love with the brilliance of James Ortiz’ puppet creations, especially Milky White. Initially marveling at the grace and dexterity with which Kennedy Kanagawa moves Milky, I soon realized that Kennedy WAS Milky White, a heartwarming achievement that endeared both the actor and the cow to all the audience.

So great! Incredible cast

Molly from New York, NY
27th March 2023

I missed this in NY and am glad I got to see it in Boston. The show is phenomenal - not a single weak link in the cast or performances. Agree that Milky White (and the giant's shoes, also the puppeteers) were exceptional, and also agree with another review that the set production is underwhelming--there are shows where it feels appropriate to go low key on the set and I'm not sure this is one of them--but it's fun to have the orchesetra on stage and it didn't take away from the performance. Loved it!

Into the WOODS

Anonymous from New York, New York
14th August 2022

Fabulous SHOW! A must see 🥰❤️🎉🎊

The cow steals the show!

Chuck V. from New York, New York
5th May 2022

No lie. The human characters have been perfectly cast, all the way down to third spear-chucker on the left. Their performances of this beautiful piece will rend your heart. But Kennedy Kanagawa brings to life an ear-twitching, eye-blinking, milk-deficient, udderly adorable animal character without which the witch will fail in her quest. Who woulda thunk that this stand-up gal would be so crucial to the heart of the story? Do not miss this production - the seeing of it is a tale you will tell to your children.

2nd time in 4 days

LG from New York, New York
7th May 2022

A must see. Everyone is superb, and the cow - the best. A fitting tribute, honor, recognition of Sondheim.

Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Fear the witch, mind the wolf and keep an eye out for the giant in the sky!

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