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John Mellancamp

Ken from Los Angeles, California
20th June 2017

Knock out performance by Mellancamp. His gritty take on our tumultuous times was bracing. Band was s-o-l-i-d. Electric violinist soared. The great Emmylou Harris was not in the best of form vocally but still a treat to heat.

Awesome Performance

Debra Fogus from Chicago, Illinois
18th April 2023

I have been a fan of John Mellencamp since I was a teenager back in the 80's. His performance did not disappoint. He tells it like it is through his music and his performance was compassionate and outstanding. I was so glad I was able to attend!!!


J HILL from Denver, Colorado
23rd May 2023

This was my first time seeing John perform. I was thrilled. I paid a lot for my ticket and I was not at all disappointed. He performed some classics and new songs. He's clearly not lost any of his talent. His band is exceptional. I found John to be smart, funny and quite captivating. He relates to his audience by including them as he's singing and makes eye contact constantly. He is humble and it's clear he appreciates his fans and shows his appreciation by the way he interacts to the extent he can. I would gladly pay the same amount to see him again! What a truly gifted, talented man. I continue to listen to his music daily and appreciate what a true storyteller he is. I'm sorry for those who didn't or weren't able to appreciate the talent he brought to the venue they visited. THANKS JM AND BAND!

Outstanding Authentic Passionate Artist

Paul Holland from Cleveland, Ohio
26th May 2023

It was not a concert, it was a performance where we got to meet the man and see how creative, interesting, and authentic he can be. He is passionate about the causes in which he believes and that came through in his performance. Only a few Clevelanders were boorish and difficult but enough of them were loud enough that they almost derailed the show. THANK YOU JOHN, for toughing it out. It was one of the best shows I have seen! I remain a lifelong fan! It was an adults only show but not over the top, a couple of f-bombs and a discussion of love-making but nothing crazy! Absolutely solid! Rain on the Scarecrow is still one of my fav anthems; so great to see it live! Outstanding!

My Bucket list concert. Loved it

Melisa kemper from Memphis Tn
27th May 2023

John Mellencamp was great. Every minute of this concert was my dream come true. To all you people who put him down you are the ones who suck! I guess you people aren't true fans. John I will come see you every chance I get for everyone else f off you don't know a legend

Great Show by the Showman Mellencamp

Mollye from Baltimore, Maryland
4th June 2023

I had a fabulous time! John played 17 songs - just enough. The concert was neither too long nor too short. (Although, selfishly, I've always loved Deep Blue Heart and hope, one day, to hear it live.) John's voice was strong. The band was spot-on. And the crowd was into it. The perfect mix of song, dance, and storytelling! Thank you John for returning to Baltimore and making my night a memorable one.

John Mellencamp