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Customer Reviews for Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve

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Making An Impact

Paul Ricciarini from Tampa, Florida
20th December 2021

This was my first time seeing TSO live and I was completely blown away by The power, consistency And versatility of their presentation. They are way more musically gifted than I could've imagined with impeccable-no mistake timing of their powerful, energetic, passionate style never missing a note! The vocal versatility and quality hits at every inner emotion that we all carry and it's so enjoyable to feel this once again. The Tech Show is tantalizing and lends to the Energy as well. If you don't leave their show feeling way better than when you first entered, then y'all need to go back to Art's 101 and start all over. They are an Artistic Treasure and especially in these times I highly recommend everyone to go watch their performance whenever available. A special hand to Asha.

It was absolutely amazing!!!!

Karah Christian from Birmingham, Alabama
16th December 2021

The best concert I’ve EVER been to. It’s like being at an 70s/80s rock concert but with Christmas songs! The drums and electric guitars were so thrilling. Old City Bar sounded soooo damn good!!! Like 1000x better than the song they recorded! It was magical! It was full of soul! My ONLY negative opinion is when the Christmas songs ended and they started some demonic looking performance, with flames on all of the screens, flames shooting out of cannons, a woman doing weird sexual movements in the flames in a nightgown on the video… It was so random and I didn’t understand what that had to do with Christmas stories. If they would have said, “we’re now gonna play some of our other popular songs aside from the Christmas ones” that would have been better. “Ohh okay. Got it.” But with children there for a Christmas performance, it was like “okay what is this… a little sexual and weird.” The rest was an amazing Christmas story! Would see again! The whole place was rocking!

TSO - So Much Talent, Technology and Beauty. Loved it!

Gerry S from Chicago, Illinois
3rd January 2018

Was totally enthralled with the talent, the visuals and the fantastic musical arrangements. Christmas never sounded or looked so good! Someone commented, "a little heavy on the religion." I don't know what that means, but Christmas...really? The two female lead vocalists were superb; different styles with equally strong impact. Guitarists and fiddle player were top tier and pivotal to the show. The piano player was great, totally focused with unbelievable energy and style. The other singers and dancers added a classy element in every appearance. We're going to make this show a tradition for the family every Christmas. "In the Hall of the Mountain King" was fantastic. Would be great to hear "Night on Bald Mountain." Well done, TSO. You are truly peerless in your art.

Show of a lifetime !!

Jody Recek from Fresno, California
1st December 2017

I've seen dozens of top named bands in concert. I had a favorite for many years until last night. I now have a new favorite that I feel will never be beat. So much talent from so many members of the band. I can't wait to see them again. Please come back to Fresno !!!!!!

WOW - first time I have seen them - wont be the last!

Ryan from Seattle, Washington
28th November 2017

First off, what is the name of the blonde soloist that sang a few songs??? She Was INCREDIBLE!!! Her voice and talent just BLEW US AWAY!! But the entire show was spectacular. (the venue, Key Arena SUCKED! Pretty bad when airplane seating is roomy in comparison. I am 5'10" & 185# and was crammed in my seat) But this was much more than a show - it was and EVENT!! The effects were incredible, the music was fantastic, the talent was astounding - there is just not enough adjectives! GO see the show! I will be back next year! (and hopefully NOT at Key Arena!)

Best show ever!!!

Jen Williams from Toronto, Ontario
24th November 2016

There is no better way to kick off the Christmas season. This show is absolutely outstanding. It gets right into your soul. I would see it again and again!!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve