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Why see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds?

Noel Gallagher returns to soar over the US

With his trademark devil-may-care swagger, Noel Gallagher most often sets tongues wagging for speaking his mind, public spats with and family feuds. The Brit rock progenitor is set to hit the headlines again, but this time he's setting out on tour under his solo moniker 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds', a star-studded, psychedelic alt-rock outfit that's back with a vengeance.

This brand new tour sees the Noel and the Birds taking on dates across the globe after the November 2017 release of the band's third studio album, Who Built The Moon? With charming on stage banter and an ability to connect with his fans, Noel is the epitome of a rock'n'roll band leader; equal parts genius songwriter, talented performer and crowd-rousing showman.

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Finished Jun 9, 2023


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Another brilliant show by The Chief!!!

First off, The Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles is beautiful. I saw Noel there on his last tour in 2015. He did one show in Los Angeles in 2015...he had two sold out on this tour. I think Southern California is growing on him. As expected, he felt compelled to call out the four guys who showed up to their front row seats 20 minutes into the gig. Classic Noel. These guys tried to bring a knife to a gun fight. Sorry gentlemen, there was no comeback you could have produced that would have come close to his wit and delivery. The crowd enjoyed it tremendously. I thought the set was great. Expected to hear the new stuff. Dead in the Water was amazing as was the closing tune All You Need is Love. Good to see Gem back in the mix. Wish he and Noel would do A Sitting Here in Silence type show here at some time. ... Read more

James E.

Show gets 5 Starts, Venue gets 2 Stars...

The band really has grown with amazing backing singers and musicians (its not just a focus on Noel), Highlights include: The live version of "Fort Knox," "She Taught Me How to Fly," the emotional, yet simple "Dead in the Water," and the Soulful "Be Careful What you Wish for" and exciting live premier of "The Right Stuff." The energy could be felt when Oasis classics like "Little by Little," and "The Importance of Being idle," were played, but I personally enjoyed "Go Let It Out," THE BEST, as anyone Who has seen Noel before probably heard the first two songs a MILLION times : / I'd love to hear something like "Gas Panic," or "Falling Down," Give us something DIFFERENT! lol My only real complaint is something (I think) out of Noels control, and that is the VENUE. its terrible to sub-par quality at best, and I don't know why a lot of great artists play here. The seats are TOO SMALL...everyone's packed in like sardines...hows that supposed to be enjoyable?? Pick another Venue PLEASE!! ... Read more


Excellent Show

I don't understand the negative reviews here. The show was excellent. The sound quality was amazing. I could even hear the click of the scissors. I also thought the song selection was good, with "Wonderwall" and an excellent, stripped- down version of "Don't Look Back in Anger" tossed in. Even the closing cover of "All You Need is Love" was excellent given how complex that song is. Finally, the crowd was enthusiastic, singing along to nearly every song. Overall, it was an amazing show, one of my favorites in years. ... Read more


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