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George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Finished Nov 24

The Novo

Don't miss funk wizard George Clinton's last ever tour!

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Finished Nov 24

The Novo

Don't miss funk wizard George Clinton's last ever tour!

Why see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic?

Funk Icon George Clinton Retires (?)

The end of an era is fast approaching! After five decades of bringing the groove to live audiences across the world, living legend George Clinton is retiring from life on the road and celebrating with one last blow-out tour (again!) During the Just For The Funk Of It! Final Tour?!?, Clinton will commemorate his influential music and career during one last outing with Parliament Funkadelic, the definitive, ever-evolving funk collective of the 70s.

Fusing together science fiction storylines with out of this world fashion, psychedelia, surreal humour and of course, grooves so funky they put blue cheese to shame, Clinton and his pioneering outfit was formed in the Doo Wop era of the 50s, but broke through to mainstream success by revolutionising R&B music under the influence of Hendrix, Zappa and Sly Stone. At the age of 78 years old, Clinton looks back on an extraordinary life and career, recalling the title of his career-defining 1978 album and smash hit single for the tour - its message of unity is as important today as it was in the band's heyday. 

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Finished Nov 24


Customer reviews

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Do not miss the Mother Ship. Make your Funk the P Funk! ... Read more

P Green

Four because Fishbone was Great!!! 3 for Parliament

I agree with Deeilray, previous reviewer. Parliament had too many people clumsily running around the stage when the real musicians were playing. What was that? Also, not enuf of GC’s music. Most of all, the smoking on stage (passing it around) by everyone it seemed was not good. Does anyone remember the RI Club fire. I saw the pianist take a hit or two, threw it on the floor and stamped it with his foot. I wonder if he really got it out - as he was playing. Not cool. We are not in high school anymore. Fishbone was excellent! Never heard of them but will be looking for them from now on! By the way, the musicians actually playing instruments in both bands were sublime! A treat to hear! ... Read more

Irtimed Sirron

Unsung musical hero

Well it would be an understatement to say that George Clinton and the gang should be place next to or above the Beetles and all the other bands.Everyone from Prince and every black/white rock band learned from them. The best band to ever( Funkadelic/ Parliament to play funk and rock at the same time. ... Read more
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